Thursday, 30 January 2014

Whites Reduced To 37% of Toronto's Population By 2031.

Remember, it's population growth not population replacement.

The question arises: are white Torontonians supportive of the immigration system now knowing that the inevitable outcome of it would be the reduction of its historic, traditional white population to a mere 37% by 2031 and steadily deceasing after that?

I doubt it.

Oh well, at least it will help them relate better to the native population becoming, in a sense, the new natives. The main difference being Canada's indigenous population had colonialism imposed on them where whites invited it, having failed to learn from history and thus becoming the colonized by their own hands and stupidity.

I guess they deserve it.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the settlers who came to this country 150 years ago would appreciate what this country has become. They fought and quite a few died to provide a better future for their desendants. Now to have their ancestors become a minority. To have their country go from English and French to what 50, 100 different languages is a disgrace. Is there not anyone that has a backbone to stand up and say no more? Maybe if we had a Prime Minister like Sir John A MacDonald our first Prime Minister Canada would not be in the shape it is now!!

Anonymous said...

I once sent a petition to the House of Commons about mass third world immigration. It was tabled by the MP for Lethbridge. I did receive a response from the government, signed by the minister of immigration, but it was just the usual propaganda. They wrote about how Canada needs immigration to remain competitive and that multiculturalism is necessary for social cohesion. I know many people who have asked the government to stop importing all of these worthless, welfare-leeching third world immigrants, but the government responds with the usual "we need immigration forever" pep talk. Honestly, putting pressure on the government is a waste of time. We are ruled by a totalitarian dictatorship that is determined to transform the country into a third world hellhole. The only way to save this country is through white nationalist revolution. We must have a civil war to get rid of the government and a race war to expel the non-white parasites or we are toast. Wake up, white man!

Anonymous said...

The ruling ideology after WWII demanded the self-abnegation of the founding peoples of Canada, especially Wasps, for the purpose of protecting other ethnic groups both White and non-White. This most assuredly was imposed.

Anonymous said...

Well, well. Very soon whites in this country will be checking the "yes, i'm part of a visible minority group" in job application forms.

Anonymous said...

what is needed in Canada is a new political party that will put all of this on it's main agenda. to Hell with Liberals, Conservatives and NDP! People need fresh views. People need an insight. Somebody to open their eyes. Many countries have such political parties, that offer alternatives, they come and go, join together, split, but the point is there is always some kind of political dynamics. But not in Canada, nor in US. Why?? It seems people of Canada are lobotomized, the only honorable exception being Quebec

J Canada said...

Your right we don't. My family is here 400 years this August. I am still looking for a job its 2.5 years now. I had to leave New Brunswick and move 700 miles to Ottawa where there is also no work (unless you are non-white or french that is).