Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hope You Have Better Luck With Your Immigrants Western Canada 'Cause They Didn't Help Ontario Much.

Oh no!

It looks like the job growth immigrants didn't bring to Ontario are not going to bring it out west either. Or anywhere in Canada.

Immigrants don't create jobs, they take them. They follow where the job growth is, they don't lead it.

Job growth arises due to investment from the public and private sectors in the face of opportunity or necessity. You can have immigration up the wazoo but a large and growing population in and of itself isn't enough to create jobs when proper investment from public and private sources is lacking. It's very real, as is the case for Toronto, that population growth can exceed job growth. To continue down that road is to sow the seeds of social unrest.

In any case, it's good to hear immigrants are ditching Ontario for oil soaked pastures out west. Toronto's full and the rolling hills and fertile soil of pastoral southern Ontario are too precious to sacrifice to the false gods of mass immigration and multiculturalism. It's time more provinces share the mass immigration burden. And hopefully as more Canadians are exposed to the unpleasant realities of the mass immigration system the more inclined they will be to pressure the government to enact changes to the system that benefit Canada and Canadians instead of letting it remain a tool to drive down incomes, deliver suckers to the economically dubious FIRE sector, and curry favour with ethic vote blocs.