Thursday, 6 March 2014

Chinese Millionaires Crying Over The Loss Of The 'Screw Over Canadian Tax-Payers' Investor Program.

Aw, poor babies! Don't excuse me while I don't shed a tear for them. Because I don't care if you would or not. And it seems little compassion is being sent their way in the comments as well. Here too.

It can't be said enough why the "investor class" immigration stream was eventually deep-sixed. It was because these wealthy "investors", mostly from China, paid little in taxes, couldn't bother themselves to learn English or French, and were less likely to physically reside in Canada (which would explain their poor proficiency in either official language). They came to Canada to parasitically take advantage of our tax-payer funded social programs while paying as little taxes in Canada to support them. Who needs these people?!

It's debatable whether these "investors" benefited Canada at all. It's likely these wealthy immigrants reaped most of the benefits by having their health-care and education needs subsidized by Canadians thus freeing up funds so they can buy imported luxury items designed and made elsewhere. It's a case of the Canadian poor and middle-class subsidizing the lavish lifestyles of China's globe-trotting, parasitic rich.

If any benefits were had I'm sure it would be undone by the damage they have caused to the lives of Canadians by helping propel Canadian real-estate prices into stratosphere territory with the attendant economic dangers that come with bubble real-estate markets. Not to mention littering our city skylines with eyesore condo projects that have "made in China" written all over them (cheaply built, overpriced walk-in closets).

The flattering language and ego stroking they use in the article to pander to Canadians sensibilities is insulting in light of the behaviour of their "investor class" colleagues. Spare us!

Their motives are, and always were, selfish. They had no intention of contributing to or integrating into Canadian society. Canada was a place to park and launder their money while having us pay for the education of their children and care for their elderly. One has to wonder why one of the most tax averse people on the planet had such strong desires to move to a high tax regime like Canada in the first place if they didn't know of ways to game the system.

Good riddance and get lost! Try Singapore. I'm sure they'll love you there.

Ultimately the blame lies with Canada for implementing a program that witnessed fraud from the get-go and didn't do anything about it until now. We created and allowed the continuance of a program where wealthy individuals could practically buy Canadian citizenship and the benefits that go with it. And then eventually foot the bill to Canadian tax-payers. Who wouldn't take advantage of that? These people are opportunists pursuing their self-interest and Canada gave them an opportunity to maximize their benefits while minimizing their costs. It's our fault and while the scorn directed at the "investor class" is warranted it should really be directed at ourselves, more particularly those in power who created it and let it continue for so long.

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Anonymous said...

I have just read what our Prime Minister Mackenzie King said on May the 1st. 1947. He said "the people of Canada do not wish, as a result of mass immigration, to make a fundamental alteration in the character of our population." Canadians do not seem to care as mass immigration continues. Another good thing to watch is the video Dr. David A. Yeagley made and take heed of what his brilliant thoughts' mean for Canada. He was Indian and has just passed away.You think Canadians born in this country would fight for it to preserve what our ancestors fought and died for!!!