Sunday, 2 March 2014

Number of 'new Canadians' Up, Middle Class Down.

That's it Mr. Alexander. Just keep shoveling them in.

We'll just throw this surplus mass of warm bodies onto the growing pile of the disappearing middle class like we've been doing for years now.

Just bare in mind those making these decisions are sheltered from the economic consequences of mass immigration the rest of us have to put up with. Indeed, many of them benefit from it. They only know the middle-class is struggling because they hear about it, not because they are experiencing it.


Anonymous said...

why oh why we all allow this to happen?? maybe it is because 85% of people are still employed and practically none of those people have been fired during the last 5 years of Great Depression (as a comparison US had to fire 2.4 million during 2008-2010 crisis). all these people vote for whoever is in power where they got their employment (in Ontario they all vote for Liberals as they look back and think: hey, I have been employed and Liberals have been in power. Therefore if I vote for Liberals they'll continue to be in power and I'll continue to be - employed. Wow, what a mathematics).

This systemic unprecedented corruption must be stopped immediately or this country is going to sink faster than that South Korean ship and take all its youth with it.
In Sicily there is Sicilian Mafia, but in Canada there is Employment Mafia that rules. In order to perpetuate their crimes they isolate themselves by using so called "job agencies" and "HR departments", which are nothing but the buffers for the corruption of unprecedented proportions

Anonymous said...

2.5 years and still looking. 1800 ottawa, the capital, the centre of so called jobs!