Monday, 31 March 2014

Sikh Immigrants Become Truckers, Drive Down Industry Wages, Then Protest Driving Down Wages.

Is there a word for "irony" in Punjabi?

The same thing is afoot here in southern Ontario.

If you need an example of immigrants lowering the living standards of Canadians look no further than Sikhs in trucking.

This is a modern example of why Canada had a head-tax in its past which reminds me; we need another head-tax.


Anonymous said...

if only trucking is affected we all would be in a relatively good shape. but there are so many other areas that are affected by unprecedented influx of mujiburs, in particular IT industry. for example nowadays it is almost impossible to get a job with government of Ontario if you are not a mujibur. mujiburs bring on board other mujiburs, as simple as that. managing mujibur within government simply put letters "PC" on the resume of pre-selected mujibur candidate. those that handle resumes down there know that "PC" means "preferred candidate" and that they have to select that particular candidate (a witness told me this happens regularly with Ontario Ministry Government Services, a notoriously corrupt organization. Other Ministries do not lag behind: Chinese bring onboard only Chinese, mujiburs only mujiburs and so on.)

Anonymous said...

Is it not true that on applications now there is a box to check to say if you are a visable minority? Canada is under destruction and Canadians don't seem to care!! Shame, shame on the Canadian government and on the Canadians that don't seem to care!!

Anonymous said...

We do care we care very much. But if we the whites speak up we are called racist! Also indians are operating companies where they hire online med. transcirptionists in canada and they are paying peanut wages less than minimum wage. Then they lie and say this is the wage it has always been. They give the hardest work to locals and send the easier work to india. They rake in thousands of dollars. I was making 27 an hour as I am top of my field, that took me 10 years.

Anonymous said...

They also cannot drive worth a shit; especially in winter! I have had a few truck drivers try and drive me off the road and chuckle as they are doing it. I used to feel safe driving near a transport now I just cringe!