Monday, 9 June 2014

Speak For Yourself: Social Desirability Bias and 'In Brampton We Fight Racism With Racism.'

So two south Asian school girls in Brampton (one is Canadian born, I think, but what difference does it make, really?) took it upon themselves to address IWC's "racist" flyer campaign in that Ontario city with some racism of their own, attesting to the intellectual bankruptcy of their endeavor.

Thinking they're being clever they used the same template as the IWC flyer but changed the second image to state that the demographic changes mass immigration, particularly Sikh immigration from India, is effecting on Brampton is wanted. But by doing so they unwittingly adopted the alleged racism of the IWC flyer. If the IWC flyer is racist for questioning the desirability, benefit, and logic of subjugating Brampton's historic white majority population to minority status through mass immigration - and the attendant social, economic, cultural, and political loss that comes with it - then it's just as racist to promote it. If saying "let's keep it white majority" is racist then so is saying "let's make whites a minority" which is what these girls champion.

(I can understand why they would. There's political power and economic advantage to be gained by a people through their introduction - either through force or naive cooperation from the natives - into a prosperous foreign society, co-opt it's achievements, then effectively run the locals out of town by overwhelming them through numbers. It's colonialism disguised as immigration.)

What's noteworthy is the language used in both flyers. The IWC flyer not only uses the word "you" but does so in a question. It addresses its readers as individuals giving them enough courtesy to think as individuals. It doesn't presume to think for them but let's them think for themselves. The Indian girls, on the other hand, used the word "we" as in "this is what we want " as if the two of them speak for us all, disagreement not allowed. Whereas the IWC flyer is more democratic the school girls' counter-flyer is authoritarian.

Sorry ladies, you don't speak for me nor millions of Canadians across the nation. You're "we" doesn't include me. These girls represent their personal views and most likely the views of those who share a mutual interest in colonizing Canadian territory with their people.

Their use of the word "we" and arrogantly assuming they speak for all Canadians is understandable. Multiculturalism is the official state religion of Canada and Canadians are routinely bombarded by propaganda campaigns by the state (through the state broadcaster, the school system, etc.,) with the purpose of indoctrinating the citizenry to multiculturalism's tenets and dogma to the point where questioning it risks one being labelled a heretic, a blasphemer, a bigot, a racist, un-Canadian. With tacit cooperation from the public opinion gate keepers in the mass media (whose interest in multiculturalism is to encourage mass immigration and the population growth that it brings hoping they can stave off bankruptcy by selling these "new Canadians" to advertisers) you really can't blame Canadians for thinking that everyone in this country is on-board with multiculturalism and mass immigration.

This perceived "popular opinion" is what fuels Canadians' social desirability bias. This bias is the tendency for an individual to publicly express an opinion assumed to be socially acceptable regardless of how he or she might truly feel about the issue for so powerful is the need to be accepted. With immigration and multiculturalism Canadians display this bias. Why wouldn't they? The consequences for failing to do so range from being dismissed and marginalized as a knee-jerking, backwoods dwelling, knuckle dragging, bigoted redneck by our intellectual betters in the media; to being not invited to the right diner parties; to failure to land a job, keep a job, or advance through an organization's ranks. Couple this bias with humanity's uncanny willingness to defer to authority and the machinations of a state propaganda system it's understandable, then, for these girls to assume they speak for everyone since they believe in what we've all been convinced is what everyone believes in.

But talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words, and Canadians have shown they talk a game they don't care to play. They may say they support mass immigration and multiculturalism but where they chose to buy a house says otherwise. It's called "ethnic enclaving" and there are white enclaves in Canada's major cities, even in Brampton. It's a case of declared preference vs. revealed preference and while a white Canadian may scoff at the IWC flyer and denounce it as racist, scoring some progressive-left brownie points in the process, what part of town this person goes home to sleep at night is the only answer we need.

As for the girls the immigration tide is on their side. It's only a matter of time before the historical host demographic of Brampton and like cities all across the nation, indeed even the nation itself, are overrun with an immigration induced demographic shift that replaces the host society and its connection to the country's founding people with one who showed up after all the hard work was done expecting to reap all the rewards. They had little to do with building the home but will gladly take over the place, thank you very much. Yes, this is what they want but I doubt it's what we want.


Anonymous said...

As you said immigration watch was letting you make up your own mind on what you want for your province or country!! These people did not say that they stated the we word no choice given! Now I ask where is Wynne saying that she considers this racist? I have said it before look around Canada and you can not tell what country you are in and that is truly ashame!!!

Anonymous said...

I speak up and let my opinion be known .This would not have happened in the 1950s people seemed to care a lot more about their country.