Monday, 21 July 2014

'Ethnic Markets' Driving Extinction of Ontario's Turtles.

Turtle populations in southern Ontario are under threat by poachers, who sell the critters on the black market as aquarium novelties or for the dinner plate. 
Ron Brooks, who studied turtles in Algonquin Provincial Park for 40 years, said there are no statistics on the number of turtles being poached and sold in the illegal wildlife trade. 
But he said it appears that poachers will collect turtles and sell them to ethnic markets for delicacies such as turtle soup. 
“It’s very difficult to find out what’s going on,” Brooks said. 
Eight species of turtles live in Ontario, seven of which are considered at risk. Two of these species — the spotted and wood turtles — are classified as endangered. 
For turtle researchers, the risk of poaching prompts them to take precautions.
Hmm. Ethnic markets.  I wonder what they mean by ethnic markets.  I mean who has no qualms poaching Ontario's wildlife for profit in ethnic markets.  All the members of Canada's ethnic communities, and I mean all of them , who make up these so-called "ethnic markets" are law abiding citizens, or so I'm told. None would ever, ever, ever engage in any illegal activity whatsoever.

So I'm blaming you, the white heterosexual conservative male.  It's obviously all your fault. You hate diversity so it stands to reason you hate biodiversity as well.  So sad!  Just embrace the "new Canada" already.  It's for your own good.  If need be I can set you up with a government funded lobotomy if that'll help.  You'll love it, I promise.

Oh, and incidentally we need another head tax.


Sagar Bhatt said...

I hope extinction isn't caused by these markets. Canada doesn't have many native turtle species anyways.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, the Trudeau sycophants that like to thumb there nose at the USA think they are just perfect with their immigration system where rich and education Asians need apply, and poor, uneducated Central Americans need not ? Oy vey, the land of the white liberal great north.

zak said...

Man I love this blog soooo much! How come you don't post so much anymore? We need guys like you.

Cheers to a free and clean Canada!

Stop Immigration said...

They keep the turtle alive and cut it, and suck the blood. I have seen them do this overseas. They are very backwards people.