Monday, 19 December 2016

From the Best and Brightest Files: Immigrants are Making Us Dumber.

According to this analysis based on PISA scores immigrants are decreasing the national IQs of the West.  To put it crassly they're making us dumb.

There's probably a flaw in the methodology but living in Toronto for as long as I have I'm inclined to think it's correct for the most part.  If our immigration system is designed to filter for the "best and brightest" it's apparent it's not doing it's job.  Or the more reasonable explanation is that Canada doesn't attract the world's "best and brightest" at all and has to settle for what washes up on our shores which tend to be the third-world's C and D students. When you're the safety school country to America's Harvard or the U.K.'s Oxford you're forced to settle for what comes your way.

And if the mostly third-world immigrants Canada attracts are indeed the developing world's "best and brightest" then it explains why the the third-world is in such a sorry state.

Come to think of it allowing immigrants from the third-world to settle in the West is a lose/lose situation.  For one, these mostly unremarkable people add no value to the Western countries they settle in since the West already has high standards of achievement to which their contributions would be negligible at best.  And secondly, by being the "best and brightest" of their country and removing themselves from it makes their native countries dumber and worse off.  Everyone loses in this scenario except the immigrant.

It's clear to me Canada and the developing world are better off if Canada doesn't accept immigrants from the third-world at all.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Racial Diversity is Bullshit!

I did a Google search for “racial diversity is bullshit” and I didn’t find anything.  I found “diversity sucks” but I didn’t find “racial diversity is bullshit” so I’m writing this blog post to fill that void.  Why?  Because of “hate” G-d-dammit and there’s not enough of it on the internet!  And because I’m an ass like that, that’s why!  And because racial diversity really is bullshit!

So where do I get off saying that?

Well, I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  It’s Canada’s largest city and presently the fourth largest city in North America.  It’s a clean, relatively crime free city given its size but aside from that it doesn’t have much else going for it.  This is why it has to brag about being the most diverse, cosmopolitan city in the world as if that’s an accomplishment worth bragging about.  When you’re the largest city in what is essentially a safety school country for immigrants wanting to settle in the West attracting a numerous and diverse group of people from mostly underdeveloped, shit-tier countries is about as easy as getting Justin Trudeau to stop and pose for the camera.  That’s like the brightest patio light bragging about how bright it is because it attracts the most numerous and most diverse group of insects.  (Sure you’re the brightest patio light but you got all these damn bugs around you diminishing your brilliance.)  So it should come as no surprise to learn that Toronto, with over 200 years of white settlement behind it, has become a white minority city within a single generation.  With having over 50% of its population being non-white and I myself having lived in Toronto for as long as I have I think that makes me well qualified to say racial diversity is bullshit.

Think about it.  What’s so great about racial diversity besides satisfying some sort of xenophilic fetish or to virtue signal to the world how your country is not racist and by implication neither are you?  It’s not as if the amount of melanin or lack thereof in one’s skin endows an individual with some set of special skills, talents, or knowledge unavailable to anyone else even through education, experimentation, and hard work.

So how bullshit is racial diversity?  Well, when Canada was a lot less racially diverse than it is today the country was at the forefront of modern aerospace technology.  When the U.S. was a lot less racially diverse than it is today it was laying the foundations of the internet while putting a man on the moon using technology that was developed by a country that was trying to be as racially pure as possible.  When Britain was a lot less racially diverse than it is today it colonized half the globe, mothered four prosperous industrialized nations, created and gifted the world half of its most popular sports, produced an impressive number of Nobel laureates and created the man credited for seeding computer science.  From the looks of things it appears the white western world was getting along fine in the absence of racial diversity leading the world into an exciting technological future.  But if you succumb to the “diversity is our strength” mindset you’d probably be inclined to believe that if the white West was as racially diverse then as it is today we’d probably have developed a hyper-drive by now and be colonizing other planets in the galaxy.  Because of non-white skin colour magic you see, which somehow makes the white West grow and prosper while doing “dick all” for non-white countries.

Not good enough?  How about the observation that non-whites in white majority countries think racial diversity is bullshit too?  Since actions speak louder than words settlement patterns in our major cities infer this.  Non-whites will vocally express the wonderful benefits racial diversity brings to white majority societies (benefits only white majority countries are in need of apparently and not non-white ones) and then retreat to one of their ethnic enclaves revealing a preference to live among their own.  It appears they have little interest in racial diversity in their ethnic ghettos but think it’s a great thing for the wider white society.  Why this is so, I think, is because most non-whites immigrate to the West for economic reasons and not to participate in some grand multicultural program to “enrich” western nations.  Therefore an expression by whites to maintain the white majority composition of their respective countries would frustrate those ambitions.  So it’s best to tell them that non-whites in their midst is a good thing and they should accept it even to the point where they become an insignificant demographic minority in their own countries.  It’s the racial colonization of white societies and they’re completely fine with that because colonization is wonderful as long as you’re the one doing it.

Even the progressive left thinks racial diversity is bullshit.  Given the left’s propensity for cognitive dissonance they preach the joys of racial diversity out of one side of their mouth while celebrating miscegenation out of the other where in the case of the latter were it allowed to run its full course it would extinguish racial diversity altogether.  Since race-mixing it the ultimate expression for the left that we live in a post-racial world the elimination of racial diversity through miscegenation is the logical endgame. This is because they know, if not consciously then subconsciously, that racial diversity is bullshit since all it does is create problems, problems they acknowledge but won’t admit to.  And if they do admit to racial diversity’s problems it’s always whitey’s fault who, for some, needs to be bred out of existence.  I guess getting rid of whitey, in fact any kind of racial diversity, is the only way a leftist's imaginings of a post-racial Utopia can be realized. 

So what has racial diversity wrought?  No benefits outside the superficial while creating problems where none existed before through the creation of social tensions and unnecessary, wasteful distractions in the economic and political realms.  This can be seen in the now very commonplace complaint that there’s too many of X in position Y suggesting that it’s a problem where the placement of Z in position Y is the solution.  However, the problem isn’t that there’s too many of X in position Y it’s that there’s too many of Z making it into a problem.  Remove Z from the equation and there’s no problem.  Or just don’t introduce Z into the equation at all.

But that’s what we’ve done.  We’ve introduced Z and created a problem where none existed before (and as if we don’t have enough problems already).  Government being “too white” wasn’t a problem until we allowed too many non-whites to settle in the country and make into a problem.  The lack of racial diversity in the workforce wasn’t a problem until we allowed non-whites to settle in our society in large numbers and make it into a problem.  Now we waste valuable resources on enforcing racial diversity policies condemning us to settle for second place at best since racial diversity doesn’t guarantee quality and competency.  If racial diversity created the best outcome it can be best explained as a happy accident.

Racial diversity distracts us from addressing the real roots of social inequality which is found in our class based society.  It’s not white privilege you morons, it’s class privilege and many benefit from our class based society and have no wish to change it.  This is especially true for the 1%.  Parachuting some POC into some position of influence and promoting them beyond their competency gives the illusion of social progress while maintaining the class power structure.  Meanwhile the lower classes fight among themselves over the scraps of food the upper class lets fall to the floor from their dinner table where non-whites promote preferences for their particular skin type to give them an advantage.  It’s the old “divide and conquer” strategy to keep the unruly rabble from realizing they have the power and rebelling.  Without the distractions and diluting effects of racial diversity solidarity of the lower classes would be easier to obtain.

What’s most bothersome about racial diversity is that it implies that a racially homogeneous host society is inherently deficient due to its racially homogeneous character and only the introduction of those racially unlike those of the host majority can make that society whole and function at its greatest potential.  It’s suggesting that white majority societies are lacking some kind of vital nutrient needed for growth and survival that only non-whites can deliver.  This is insulting!  It’s saying that a child who grew up in a small white majority community in the boonies had a lesser childhood than one who grew up in a racially diverse “vibrant” community of the big city.  Bullshit!

What’s patronizing is how the “enrichment” non-whites bring to white majority societies is understood to be not reciprocal.  Like the “magic negro” of film non-whites exist in white societies to help whites grow into a more enlightened, civilized people while non-whites are not expected to change at all.  Non-whites are perfect in their natural state and in no need of the “enrichment” they bring to whites or to each other.  Since whites are lacking how are they to benefit from non-whites if non-whites are lacking as well?  It is therefore understood that whites are enriched by non-whites but non-whites are not enriched by whites because they don’t need to be and how can they be if whites are deficient and they’re not?  It’s patronizing for whites, in a state of smug self-awareness, to humbly admit they’re flawed and need to be perfected through the magical qualities they ascribe to non-white skin.  It’s racist and it’s all bullshit!

It’s now 2016, soon to be 2017 (and always “current year”) and the white West is as racially diverse as it’s ever been and what does it have to show for it?  When it was mostly racially homogeneous it was exploring the solar system, breaking the sound barrier, developing the internet, creating modern telecommunications; challenging itself through philosophy, art, and sport; setting global standards in pop culture and fashion.   Today we have safe spaces, trigger warnings, cultural appropriation, anti-white racism masked as social justice, economies more dependent on financial trickery than on the production of real wealth, and where the greatest technological advances we made of late can be summed up in an inane, overvalued, internet data-mining, productivity killing company called Facebook.  It appears the more racially diverse the West has become the more mediocre it’s become but mediocrity is a predictable outcome when diversity is an aspirant quality, especially racial diversity which, in my lived experience, is bullshit.