Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Diversity Is Mediocrity.

We don’t need a self-promoting blowhard telling us how mediocre Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is.  I think it does a pretty good job of speaking for itself.  When you have a former ski instructor and substitute drama teacher of generational wealth possessing an undeserved sense of self-importance acting as the effective “leader” of your country what can you expect?  We’re not talking Winston Churchill here.  More like Kim Jong Un minus all that evil stuff.  However it’s worth noting his reason for saying it which is to pursue diversity for diversity sake you sacrifice competency and inevitably quality producing an inferior outcome to what you could have had.  When diversity is your maxim you’re practically capitulating to being second best almost all the time.  In fact, "diversity means second (or even last) place" is truer to reality than "diversity is our strength" which is more at home in ideological fantasy-land.

And I could stop there because I think it’s so self-evident that diversity is mediocrity that elaboration is not needed.  I guess I could provide some examples.

New York state is planning on scrapping a literacy test it used to screen teachers because too many minorities, primarily blacks and Hispanics, were failing it.  This means the standards of the New York state education system will suffer as will the education of the pupils forced to be taught by unqualified teachers.  All for the sake of diversity.

Journalistic standards have been further diminished by the diversity agenda.  Ever cognizant of the effect their words may have on the minds of the reading public journalists have engaged in self-censorship and spin when reporting the news.  Objectivity and truth have given way to misinformation, half-truths, or just spiking a story if it doesn't conform to the "diversity is our strength" narrative.  This has created a demoralized journalistic class and the misleading of the public by contributing to its collective ignorance.

Diversity is such a strength for Canadian society unemployment is one its great gifts to the host white majority.

Ottawa policing standards were given a brief relief of duty to hire an unqualified Somali immigrant. Because diversity.

Diversity provides a great cover to mask the more pressing social concern which is income inequality.  This is why the ruling class love it so much.  Diversity isn't a threat to the power structure so long as they can control it and contain its ill effects to the lower classes.  This is one of my main criticisms of diversity and multiculturalism, it's partner in crime.  They're frivolous concerns we can live without (and have done so before quite nicely, thank you) but make convenient political distractions to keep us from speaking about what really matters to us and making real social progress. Diversity and multiculturalism are wastes of our time.

"Diversity is our strength" is a stupid slogan.  You can easily say the opposite and it still rings true.  That’s because diversity is an abstract noun that needs clarification and "diversity is our strength” is a slogan that needs qualifying.   We need to know what kind of diversity we’re talking about to decide whether or not it’s a strength because I don’t think a diversity of diseases is a strength.  And just saying “diversity is our strength” without backing that statement up doesn’t make it true.

So what kind of diversity are we talking about? 

Are we talking about racial diversity?  How is that our strength?  How does one’s particular skin colour endow that person with unique skills and talents that that can’t be replicated by others of a different racial composition?  How does one’s skin colour bestow gifts unto the society they happen to inhabit?  If we’re honest with ourselves we can see that racial diversity is not our strength.  It’s pursued more as a moral obligation if anything while ignoring all of the undesirable social problems it creates.  Indeed, racial diversity is bullshit!

Is religious diversity our strength?  Do I need to go there?

How about cultural diversity?  That I can agree with but a cultural diversity that is produced domestically not a cultural diversity fabricated by governmental decree under the guise of multiculturalism which entails the importation and promotion of foreign cultures in a domestic setting.  The latter has the effect of culturally colonizing a people and marginalizing or even erasing their cultural existence altogether.  I doubt very much the First Nations peoples of Canada celebrate the cultural diversity brought to them by the European settlers.   Likewise, Canadians today don’t give two flying f**ks about Diwali, Eid, Khalsa, Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo, or what have you.  We don’t celebrate these things because they’re not Canadian cultural traditions and we don’t have much of an interest in them in the first place.  In fact, the imposition of these foreign practices onto the collective cultural psyche of the nation elicits mostly irritation instead of celebration.

The diversity of ideas is our strength.  It promotes forward thinking allowing societies to grow philosophically, scientifically, technologically, politically, culturally, and socially.   You can’t have freedom and democracy without the uninhibited flow of ideas.  However the Canadian government thinks the diversity of ideas is a weakness so it must be constrained through legislation, vague “hate crime” laws, and an Orwellian kangaroo court system called Human Rights Tribunals.

So there you have it.  Out of all the diversity the government chooses to promote it champions the ones that inherently make us weaker while actively suffocating the one that makes us stronger.  Welcome to the New Canada folks.

Diversity is, for the most part, mediocrity.  This is why professional sports teams don't give it much consideration when recruiting talent.  When quality takes a back seat to the ideological driven agenda of diversity you're looking at second, third, fourth, or even last place.  While corporations have deep enough pockets to eat the costs of diversity professional sports teams use a business model that necessitates the need to win games to maximize profits.  And if a roster of mostly all white males is needed to take you to the championship game then so be it.

And in the realm of politics, particularly Canadian politics where you're already starting with one of the greatest collections of the most mediocre men and women society has to offer, letting diversity choose your cabinet ministers just increases the mediocrity factor twofold.  So Kevin O'leary was just pointing out the obvious, vocalizing what everyone already knew.