Tuesday, 16 January 2018

But They Are Shithole Countries And Why Do You Think That Is?

Looks like Trump is taking flack for stating the obvious.  He called shithole countries shithole countries and the grandstanding left is in a huff.

The man can say the sky is blue and his enemies will personally take offense for the other wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum for not being acknowledged.  He can’t win.

The question is why are they shithole countries and the compassionate progressive left will tell you colonialism, corporations, blah, blah, blah, white people.  I won’t completely dismiss the lingering effects of colonialism and the wealth sucking power of multinational corporations but sooner or later you have to take responsibility for yourself.  It’s “current year” and the colonialism card has been overplayed.

The reason why shithole countries are shithole countries is because the people who live there make them shithole countries.  The Philippines is a shithole country because Filipinos.  Somalia is a shithole country because Somalis.  Haiti is a shithole country because Haitians.  And so on.

Some countries are literal shitholes.  In India nearly half the population openly defecates in the streets.  The country is practically an open air public toilet.

I used to believe in the equality of man and the culpability of the West in the impoverishment of the developing world.  I used to believe we had some sort of duty to improve the lives of those of the Third World since I lived a relatively comfortable life at their expense.  And supporting mass immigration was part of that.  Then I grew up and wised up by moving to and living in Toronto.  If living in Toronto hasn’t taught you the cold hard reality that the Third World is a shithole because Third-Worlders then you should leave your gentrified white middle class enclave some time and talk to the people you say you love to have in Canada just not exactly living in your neighbourhood.

I’ve worked with these people.  I went to Church with these people.  I went to school with their kids and other than being nice people, most of them anyway, they’re extremely unremarkable and will remove any wonderment to why the shithole country they left is a shithole.  I no longer saw letting them immigrate to Canada as an act of reconciliation but as an act of charity.

And we’re importing them into the country by the hundreds of thousands each year.  Doing so is like willfully infecting yourself with the AIDS virus.

Call me a racist; call me a xenophobe I simply don’t care anymore.  But importing by the millions the “darkies” of the developing world into the white West on the presumption that they will prosper not only themselves but the West as well is just the progressive-left version of the white man’s burden.  We assume that deep down all men are equal and that when in the white West the “darkies” will do as whitey does and become indistinguishable from anyone and everyone skin colour aside.  This is what Peter Brimelow referred to as the “magic soil theory” in an interview with Jared Taylor.  It assumes bringing in hordes of Third Worlders into a Western society will magically change them into something better just because they happen to be in the West.  It’s the same faulty reasoning that believes that the magical incantations of the citizenship oath turns a man or woman into a Canadian on the spot, indistinguishable from a maple syrup bleeding, hockey puck shitting Canuck.  Instinctively we know that’s not true and my lived experience shouts at me that it’s not true.

Ask yourself this: if the people we’re importing en masse from the developing world were unable to prosper themselves and their society in their native countries what do you think they’re going to do for us here?  And if you counter that Canada is specifically targeting the Third World’s most ambitious “best and brightest” then we’re robbing the Third World of its most precious resource condemning it to a state of perpetual poverty and forever a shithole.  As long as the West provides itself as an escape route to the "better life" for the people of the Third World they will feel no compulsion to do anything to change the societies and the countries they live in.  All they have to do is hop on plane and go to the West leaving their fellow countrymen to rot in the shithole of a country they’re leaving behind.  It’s an act of instant gratification where others have done all the hard work and then you suddenly show up to reap the rewards.

Not letting these people come here is an act of moral duty.  It’s tough love.  If they don’t like the country they were born in then they should do something about to make it one worth living in.  They should build their countries by following the West’s example, not immigrate there and colonize it.  They may not realize that better country in their lifetime but future generations will.  I know it’s easy for me to say this but that’s life and I, like hundreds of millions of people, were fortunate enough to be born in a prosperous Western state.  But that prosperity was built over generations and it didn’t come easy but nothing worth having comes easy.   And it’s a prosperity Filipinos, Indians, Syrians, Haitians, Somalis, Sri Lankans, Nigerians and their fellow Third Worlders want through the simple easy act of walking off a plane.  Had they spent the effort and resources they used to immigrate to the West to make their lives better for themselves in their respective shithole countries then perhaps their countries, in time, wouldn’t be shitholes.

We have no obligation, be it moral or economic, to let these people settle here.  We do have an obligation to future generations of Canadians to leave the country in a better shape than the one we were born into.  But mass Third World immigration is making that difficult to achieve.  We may have inherited a stable prosperous country from our parents and our parents’ parents but by allowing mass Third World immigration into Canada we will be bequeathing a shithole country to those who follow.  Canada isn't our country to give away like that.

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