Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Diversity Ruins Everything: Star Wars Edition or Star Wars Has Become Privileged White Female Fanfiction.

I saw the new Star Wars movie and it’s an SJW POS.  I was still entertained by it but in a jaw dropping “What the hell are they doing here?” kind of way.  As a movie spectacle it works.  The space battle scenes are engaging but plot wise the movie goes nowhere and it’s burdened by uninteresting characters and a superfluous subplot that extends the run-time beyond patience.  And the rammed-down-your-throat diversity doesn’t help either because diversity is bullshit.

It was clear from the start that diversity would be a guiding principal in the creation of the now Disney owned Star Wars universe.  The writers, directors, and producers were quite clear on this.  In fact the woman running Star Wars into the ground with her ham-fisted direction of it owes her entire career to diversity quotas (and riding the coattails of much more talented and ambitious people like Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg).

So how’s that diversity thing working out so far for the new Star Wars film?  Box office sales are strong albeit only for the first week of release.  And in the lucrative Chinese market Star Wars: The Last Jedi struggles against a “meh” receptionToy sales are weak which should be alarming because this is what this is all about.  Star Wars was always about selling toys and that’s why Disney bought it.
Oh, and the fans hate it!  Now I don’t consider myself a Star Wars fan.  Like many adults my age I grew up on Star Wars collecting the toys and playing the video games but any emotional attachment I had to the movies is long gone.  I grew out of it.  I had no intention of seeing the latest installment of Star Wars because I just don’t care anymore and only went because my ticket was paid for.  But the fans!  They’re the ones buying the toys and seeing the films more than once taking their kids along with them creating a new generation of Star Wars toy buyers.  When you’ve lost them you’ve lost your real market.

Some people claim George Lucas ruined their childhood with the prequels.  He may have ruined it but diversity is killing it.  There’s no reason for any of the characters to be who they are in the film except for diversity.  Rey doesn’t have to be a female but she is because vagina.  The Storm Trooper with a conscience, Finn, doesn’t have to be black but he is because black which is odd since the First Order is obviously an imagination of a white supremacy movement.  And the Rose character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi doesn’t have to be Asian but she is because Asian.  In fact she doesn’t have to be in the film at all and I hazard to guess the meandering subplot was written just to stick her in the story somewhere.

The original Star Wars trilogy worked because it was a simple tale of good vs. evil with a small cast of characters that allowed the films to tease out their personalities so the audience can care about them and their struggle.  Back then the politics of diversity wasn’t an issue allowing the film’s creators to concentrate on telling a story.  Now the films are distracted by diversity where every check-box of identities needs to be represented creating a cast of characters the audience is given no time to get to know or give a damn about.
And the infusion of SJW ideology makes it worse.  The feminist propaganda in the movies is so blatant it’s obvious they’re not even trying to hide it.  In all the Disney Star Wars movies released thus far it’s a white woman (not a black woman or an Asian woman but a white one) leading a rag tag group of diverse freedom fighters against a powerful galactic force of evil guided by white men because white women will lead the world to peace and harmony against the true destabilizing global force of toxic white male patriarchy.  Yes, the leaders of the evil First Order and Empire are white males.  

In fact there are no positive male characters in the new Star Wars movies at least not white ones.  Kylo Ren is an emotionally unstable manchild with mommy and daddy issues.  In The Last Jedi Luke is a brooding MGTOW, Poe Dameron is a reckless Alpha Male who is cut down to size and put in his place like a misbehaving child by women, and Finn is essentially the Jar Jar Binks of the new trilogy.  There's even a minor character in the new film played by Benicio del Toro, a male, who turns out to be a two-faced huckster.  It’s Kathleen Kennedy's feminist Star Wars fan fiction on the big screen, with the essential Mary Sue lead, where women are empowered by attacking the male identity (kind of like in real life).  All three of the films are white female empowerment fantasies where white women occupy positions of leadership, undoubtedly through merit and not quotas, helping lost and hopeless men find themselves while shepherding the galaxy into a multi-cultural, multi-racial Utopia which is why these films belong in the realm of science-fantasy.  In the real world white women in leadership positions, often put there through quotas and not merit, have proven to be instrumental in the decline of companies and countries, destabilizing Western nations through social re-engineering schemes and the cheerleading of mass immigration.

Diversity is mediocrity and Star Wars is just one cultural proof of it.  It’s not just me saying it.  It’s the poor fan reception and the lackluster toy sales.  Star Wars has enjoyed box office success not because they’re good movies but because it’s Star WarsStar Wars: The Force Awakens is a competent movie but an uninspiring one, retelling A New Hope and doesn’t reward successive viewings.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Tale is an unnecessary and messy addition to the Star Wars canon.   Star Wars: The Last Jedi is too long being weighed down by SJW activism, feminism, and the diversity agenda.  These films have failed to capture the magic of the original trilogy.  They look like Star Wars but don’t feel like it.  Perhaps the original Star Wars trilogy was just lightning in a bottle but I can return to those movies and watch them again with the same amount of enjoyment I had when I saw them the first time.  And I repeat I don’t consider myself a fan having abandoned any emotional attachment to the films long ago.  The new films feel like product created by a committee guided by the reigning progressive agenda of the Hollywood elite to pander to as many people as possible.  The original trilogy encapsulated universal themes of good vs. evil, hope, destiny, fate, and family and you don’t need diversity to express any of that.  It seems diversity just gets in the way and f**ks it up.

Blade Runner 2049 on the other hand...

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