Saturday, 15 June 2019

Even Nature Says You Don't Belong Here.

Vitamin D deficiency is apparently a thing among non-whites in northern climes.

Canadian doctors are urging their dark skinned patients to take vitamin D supplements.

How I read this is that it's nature's way of saying you don't belong here much like whites have no business in sun soaked climates.  There's a genetic reason why white nations dominate the list of countries with the highest rates of skin cancer.

But whites can offset the risk of skin cancer by limiting their exposure to the sun.  Non-whites, on the other hand, don't have it that easy.  It gets cold up here in the north necessitating the need to cover up for most of the year and also the days get short reducing one's exposure to the sun.  When you're already genetically disadvantaged to the natural production of vitamin D due to a higher melanin pigmentation covering up just makes it more difficult for your body to naturally produce it.  You can take supplements but the body is much more efficient at producing it naturally and in much larger amounts through the synthesis of UV B rays.  Whites are designed to live in the north.  Non-whites are not.  For non-whites, immigrating here, or anywhere up north, is a health risk.

This is just proof that race exists and that there are differences among them but we already know that.  We just don't care to admit it openly.  How else are the races different?  If some racial groups are less intelligent than others, either by design or evolution, what future does your nation have when you choose to ignore that and allow it to be overwhelmed by lower IQ populations?  I know it's a sensitive topic but ignoring it will have grave consequences not for the county but for humanity as a whole.  I think it will lead us to a new dark ages.

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