Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Immigration by the Numbers.

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Anyhow in this post I'll defer to Stefan Molyneux to update you on Canada's current immigration numbers.  I don't doubt his figures but there are some I'd like to fact check myself.  For example he states immigrants in Canada collectively remit $40 billion dollars a year to their native countries according to World Bank data making Canada the highest remitting nation per capita in the world.  This is up from $26 billion just three years ago.  I didn't find any World Bank data to confirm that for myself but then again I didn't look very hard.  In any case I have little reason to doubt him.

He also uploaded a follow up video on the current state of Canada's economy which I think is pertinent given that immigrants, so we're told, are "key to Canada's prosperity and economic future."  If what Stefan says is true then immigrants haven't done s**t, so to speak, to improve Canada's economic outlook and prospects.  My impression is the Canadian economy is becoming increasing reliant on government shuffling money around to a disconcerting portion of the citizenry, and corporations I should add, becoming ever more reliant on government largess to exist in the country.  The rest have to assume worrisome debt loads just to maintain the appearance of a middle-class lifestyle that a typical family of four could have acquired with one bread winner just forty years ago.  In effect Canada is turning to immigration to float its mediocre economy by increasing its population by importing it.  These imports then help fluff the GDP numbers by assuming consumer debt and receiving government handouts and then spending it.  It's a monetarist approach to keep the economy going (while consequently tackling inflation by over supplying the labour market to keep wages and salaries stable) by increasing the money supply by importing people who not only bring money with them but are also reliant on debt and tax payer funded subsidies and benefits.  If that's where Canada's economy is at then it's not looking good but no one wants to hear it let alone talk about it.  This is Canada after all where everything is well managed and we have absolutely nothing to worry about whatsoever because "Canadian exceptionalism".  Just trust our ruling elites.  They have everything under control.

I'd also like to bring to your attention to the CanadaPoli YouTube channel.  It was founded and run by a man who ran for the PPC last election.  He updates regularly and his channel is an excellent source for current Canadian news along with commentary from someone right of center.  He has more than once brought to my attention news items of significance that have been largely ignored by Canada's incestuous left-leaning MSM press.  I highly recommend it.

Stefan Molyneux on immigration:

Stefan Molyneux on the Canada economy:

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