Friday, 15 August 2008

White Americans to be a minority by 2042, possibly sooner. White Canadians to be a minority by...? Is this what we really want?

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White Americans no longer a majority by 2042

By Stephen Ohlemacher

WASHINGTON - White people will no longer make up a majority of Americans by 2042, according to new government projections. That's eight years sooner than previous estimates, made in 2004.

The U.S. has been growing more diverse for decades, but the process has sped up through immigration and higher birth rates among minority residents, especially Hispanics.

It is also growing older.

"The white population is older and very much centered around the aging baby boomers who are well past their high fertility years," said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank. "The future of America is epitomized by the young people today. They are basically the melting pot we are going to see in the future."

Is this the right course for the United States? Do white Americans feel comfortable with becoming minorities in their county? How will this affect American society? Will it destabilize it? Will it pacify the American military juggernaut and the foreign policy that guides it? Perhaps noting will happen at all and it will be politics as usual.

What should be noted here is that it is uncontrolled immigration that is changing American society. The United States, like Canada, has lost control of its borders and the evidence for this is clear. Black Americans used to be the second largest racial group in the United States. Now they are third being surpassed by non-white Hispanics due in large part to illegal immigration from South America, predominately Mexico exporting it's surplus population to the U.S. In Canada, Black Canadians (not to be confused with African-Canadians) and First Nations Peoples were the second and third largest racial groups. Both are now surpassed by Asians and South Asians because of mass immigration.

Canada, in fact most white majority societies, is becoming a white minority society. Canada, as is the United Kingdom, is becoming more Asian whereas the Untied States is becoming more Hispanic. Whites are on the fast track to becoming minorities in countries where they once constituted the majority. Is this a good thing? Do the white majorities in these countries have no say in the demographic changes that are occurring in their countries? Whites are already a minority in the global village. Is it reasonable to render them minorities in every country in the world? Is it unreasonable to allow whites in countries where they are the majority to shape society where they stay the majority?

Immigration is not only about nation building and populating vacant lands. It is also about population replacement. The European component of North America is being replaced by Hispanics in the United States and Asians in Canada due largely to mass immigration. A public discussion is needed to address this issue. Do we really want this to happen? I, for one, am opposed to an immigration policy that is more akin to neo-colonialism than it is with nation building and this is the immigration system Canada currently has. Because of mass immigration Toronto and Vancouver are increasingly becoming less recognizable as culturally Canadian cities and more so as immigrant, mostly Asian, cities. To be more blunt Toronto and Vancouver are becoming Asian cities on Canadian soil. Within a generation Toronto went from majority white/Canadian born to minority white/foreign born. How is this a good thing and why should we continue to allow this unchallenged?

Canadian demography is being altered in ways many Canadian are uncomfortable with and disapprove of yet they have no means to voice their opinion. It is time for a national discussion on the effects mass immigration is having on Canadian society and its demographic future.

The demographic future Canada and the United States face is not inevitable. We can change it but we must speak up.


Anonymous said...

As usual, you've covered all the bases so I don't have anything to add except this
this link
written by Steve Sailer for further reading.

Anonymous said...

Nice piece, Pax.

"Do the white majorities in these countries have no say in the demographic changes that are occurring in their countries? "

They did and they do, but it appears that for the most part they'd rather watch TV and monitor one another for racist thoughtcrime, than preserve and defend what their fathers bequeathed to them. Not surprising, since the last generation of Euros, for reasons history will probably never be able to bring to light, put all their energy into teaching their children to hate their ancestors, hate their civilization, and hate themselves. I think the people who favor dispossessing Europeans (a group which includes large numbers of venal or otherwise dubious Euros) have figured out that they can carry on pretty much unimpeded with the swamping, because - despite the intermittent complaining and squealing from remaining pockets who are paying attention and give a damn - all the available evidence suggests that whitey won't fight - not politically, in any serious, organized fashion, and not in any other way.

But ain't diversity weird and wonderful? There are (disregarding a few islands) 2 (or perhaps 1.75, to get technical) Anglo nations in the Western Hemisphere. There are (depending on how you want to slice 'em up and label 'em) 20+ Latino or Hispanic nations. In the name of diversity, one of those 1.75 or 2 Anglo nations must be Hispanicized. Now, you think that might be enough, but apparently Anglos, or maybe whites in general, by nature emit such a powerful "anti-diversity" field that even permitting 1 or 3/4 or 1/2 of an Anglo or white majority nation to persist would spoil the paradisical diversity of the hemisphere - and the world. So even though Chinese and Indians number in the billions, and Euros only in the hundreds of millions, the mystic wisdom of "diversty" demands that Canada be Asianized.

No, it doesn't make any sense to me,either, but I'm just a dumb, linear-thinking Anglo, so what do I know?

Anonymous said...


North America: Everything above Mexico (including Mexico).

Central America: From Panama all the way up to Belize.

South America: Everything below Costa Rica (including Costa Rica).

I am just pointing out that Mexico is not part of South America.

Anonymous said...

White people seem to be the only race on earth that is determined to marginalize itrself into extinction by multi-culturalism and politicial correctness. Unfortunately, it is the white, self-hating liberals that are behind these destructive social engineering policies that will unltimately render the once white-dominated nations into multi-racial hell holes.

We are well and truly finished.

Anonymous said...

my master plan is in effect >:)

Anonymous said...

The strange thing is that the very "values" of white people -- like: diversity, lib, women lib, animal lib and human rights are going to be scrapped and shoved under the carpet once white sociey has been wiped out.
Unless the Chinese ancient civilizatin takes over - the problems maybe huge for civilization. It may just crumble.
Let us face it: There are two major powers Anglos and Han(C|hinese), the latter is more ancient and hence has tremendous experience. Anglos have tech sense and liberty sense, but is this coupled with excessive women lib not driving Anglos to extinction? By non breeding . I can see that for men it gets much harder to reach middle level. Women want capable husbands not havenots stupid sidetracked "males": females(white) lose it and might end up in a Taliban harem one day.(As curiosity)

Anonymous said...

But the majority of that Han Chinese group have been under the control of a socialist/communist agenda for 60 years. Their ancient, traditional "culture" is all but extinct. Bringing it back (which is what the CCP is trying to do) won't help. It is a copy and has no deep meaning to the majority of the youth in China proper.
Taiwan and Singapore and the "China towns" all over the world might be a differnt story but they aren't large enough to make any effective change to push their culture forward.

Anonymous said...

We need a final solution to this problem.

Anonymous said...

I simply blame the Jews. Any deep thinking person should clearly see this.

Anonymous said...

Political correctness and multiculturalism are destroying us. It's not just about mere immigration, but about the slow destruction of Canadian values, institutions, history and neo-European culture. History clearly reveals that visible minorities are far more racist than any whiteman. The Chinese hate the Koreans, the Africans and the West Indians despise each other, while Pakistanis and Indians do not mix because of old wounds. I once worked with a Muslim woman who called anothern east Indian woman a "tamil bitch," simply because she belonged to a different culture.

The Federal Government recently tried to convict Winston Blackmore of Bountiful, BC, of polygamy, yet turn a blind eye to Muslim men bringing up to four wives into the country. Female genital mutilation, "honour" killings, multiple spouses and demands for Sharia law to be implemented here are all absolutely disgusting. I dare to suggest that these backward, 17th century barbarians are not coming here to be "Canadians." They are coming here to change things.

Why do we claim to be against child abuse, yet turn a blind eye to 12 year old Muslim girls who are born in Canada, then shipped off to Pakistan to be forced into arranged marriages with adult men?

Why do we have "zero tolerance" policies about weapons on our public schools, yet allow Sikh children to carry the Kirpan?

Why do we even bother to have just TWO official languages, when you can take your driving test in 11 languages?

How long will it be before another Third World language such as Urdu is added to our "official" languages?

Why do we call immigrants "new Canadians" when we KNOW that a large portion of them are here for the econimic benefits and have no respect for our country?

Just look at the Lebanses "Canadians." As soon as they got their Canadian passports they buggered off back to Lebanon. As soon as the shooting started between Israel and terrorists hiding out over the border with Lebanon, the so-called "Lebanese" Canadians loudly demanded that we evacuate them. When we did, they complained that we didn't act fast enough.

There are just too many "Canadians" of convenience.

How long will it be before visible minorities are in charge of our government agencies and start discriminating against the dwindling number of white Canadians, who will have no recourse?

Toronto will see more ethnic gangs and guns. The Jamaicans may well make up a minority group in Canada's biggest city, but they are responsible for
80% of the gun crime.

Here in Calgary its Asian gangs and guns. As a licenced PI and a former soldier, I am not allowed to carry a firearm to protect myself, even though I am trained and licenced. Yet ethnic gangs terrorize our cities with illegally owned guns. Gang shootouts on our streets and in public places such as bars and restaurants will only become considerably worse with our growing Third World population.

Who cares if white people are killed?

Things will not change under the Tories or the Liberals. We need a grass roots CANADIAN party that will stand up for Canada and its founding European peoples. Not pander to immigrants just for votes.

How about the Dominion Party? Whose with me?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that European peoples do not take serious the ramifications like what the South African Whites are going through now? I think it is no longer in the hands of politicians to fix the problem, it must be done by Revolution, from East Coast to the West coat, from the 49' parell to the tip of Mexico. If the Government, and they already have shown they will not stop the anchor baby program, then we as citizens are next in line to defend our land. Take that for wht you want, my version is un-organized malitias. Sorry it has come down to this but it has been writting on the wall for 20 years and no one tried to increase white immigrations, or stall the wall jumpers, this is a European built Nation, and so is Canada. Just look at the Nations where whites are the minority show me one that is succesful at anything??

Anonymous said...

Why is this a bad thing?

PaxCanadiana said...

Why is this a bad thing?

How is it a good thing?

If there's one thing I've come to understand from the racial, ethnic, and religious minorities living in the nations throughout the world is that being one - a minority that is - is no picnic so why should white America and white Canada welcome it for themselves? The message is loud and clear from the mouths of the racial and religious minorities in our own backyards yet we seem to not be listening to them.

But my response to why it's a bad thing is that it will create social turmoil and a more racist and intolerant society. When the host majority starts to feel it's dominant status in society is threatened it will be less welcoming to those who it perceives to the cause of it. However, if it feels secure in it's place then it will be more welcoming to those it perceives as "the other" so to speak. White America and white Canada are the glue holding the nations together from coast to coast. Weaken them and you have weaker countries.

If that response is not good enough for you then perhaps we should consult the native North American communities on the subject and see what they have to say.

Anonymous said...

There is a necessity to minimize the immigration to Canada urgently.I am a white new permanent resident in Ontario.Honestly saying,I think to get back to my homecountry just because of too many colored faces around.I do not like to live in India or Iran on the American continent even although economical and social prosperity!!!

Anonymous said...

Who wants to live in toronto now no one! People are leaving toronto daily. It has 150 gangs, high minority racism to every other group who is different from THEM, highest unemployment in canada and high cost of living.

Anonymous said...