Friday, 16 July 2010

Immigration Is About Votes, Not Job Growth.

The jobs data for June has been described as being "off the charts". I take this kind of news with mixed feelings because on the one hand it means Canadians are working again. On the other hand it can be twisted to serve the agendas of the pro mass immigration lobby and the immigration industry because if the Canadian job market is robust then why decrease immigration inflows at all? Indeed, why not increase the intake?

If the recent and past recessions since 1990 have taught us anything is that immigration policy has been completely divorced from satifying labour market needs and has more to do with serving the interests of the party in power. This is in fact its legacy., in one of its weekly bulletins, has published a must read for anyone interested in understanding the history of Canada's current immigration policy. It resurrects a Globe and Mail article from 1990 in which we learn that the Mulroney Tories increased immigration intake numbers as a kind of outreach program to capture the urban immigrant vote. This was done irrespective of the actual added costs of such increases let alone the real economic need of an increase. Prior to this Canada had a "tap on, tap off" approach to immigration that served the country well. Now its more immigrants regardless of the health of the economy.

Jason Kenney, the current minister responsible for immigration, has not departed from this politically motivated policy shift despite the reforms he has brought to the system. When Canada's economy was "booming" we were told that we need more immigrants to fill vacant job postings. When the recession of 2008 hit Jason Kenney refused to consider decreasing immigration targets because we needed them to "prepare for the recovery". For those who remember the recession of of the early 1990's this was deja vu. So, how about that? When times are good we need mass immigration. When times are bad we still need mass immigration. How can you beat that?

Political necessity explains his motives. Standing On Guard For Canada has this demographic break down of Canada's 308 electoral ridings.

Canada has 308 electoral ridings, of which 52 have a visible minority population in excess of 30%. In these ridings, the Conservative party has won only 11 of these 52 seats, with the remainder going towards the Liberals at 34 seats and the NDP at 7 seats.

To put this in another way, the Liberal Party captures 65% of the seats which have +30% visible minorities. The Conservatives capture a mere 21 % of such seats.


In the 22 ridings that are +50% visible minority, the Conservatives only hold 3 seats. In other words, ridings with +50% visible minorities, vote Liberal or NDP 86% of the time.

To think that Conservative Party strategists are not aware of this is an exercise in naiveté. The Conservatives are governing with a minority and need to make breakthroughs in urban ridings if they want to secure a majority. And they have made some progress. They captured Missaussauga-Erindale, a riding with a considerable Muslim immigrant population, away from the Liberals in the last election. And they came close to stealing away Brampton-Springdale from that Liberal party narcissist Ruby Dhalla who held onto it be a mere 1,000 odd votes. It should be noted that Brampton-Springdale has a heavy Punjabi Sikh presence.

It can be reasoned that the Conservative Party has assumed that in order to attract the immigrant and the so-called "ethnic vote" it must make its immigration policy indiscernible from that of any left of center party. It may be true that the mores and customs of many immigrant communities are culturally at home with the Conservative party, however as long as the Conservatives have a right of center approach to immigration they will not vote for them. This is undemocratic because it denies Canadians a conservative option regarding immigration reform. And this is why there is no immigration reform in Canada to speak off and why it is rarely discussed at all. So beholden are Canada's political parties to the swing votes of federal urban ridings, that are now and increasingly are characterized as being immigrant and ethnic, that all of them have come to the understanding that it is best not to talk about immigration unless it is in glowing terms and pleas for more of it. That being the case the concerns of ethnic urban ridings will determine immigration policy not the minister or the opinions of the current host majority population who must suffer with its consequences.

Retuning to that jobs data report, though it is good news it must be received with reservation. We don't really know the nature and permanence of the jobs that were created. The following quote was taken from a thread at the conservative message board Freedominion.
Regarding Paul Vieira's article about Canada's job market. I'd be very interested in seeing even a partial list of the companies that are on these massive hiring sprees, and the positions that they are filling.

I'm a professional engineer, unemployed since November. I've applied to job openings that fit my skill set perfectly, and get no response. Yes, my resume and cover letter have been edited by experts in the business.

In my entire life, I have never seen so many friends and acquaintances in the same situation as me. I'm talking about machinists, engineers, electricians, accountants, architects, writers, and IT experts of various types. The reception we get when we approach companies ranges from automated email responses at best to outright hostility at worst. Yes, I have had receptionists chew me out for having the gall to ask who to send a resume to.

So, I would like, just once, to see some evidence to back up the government propaganda that companies in Canada are hiring people left, right, and centre.
Even if you guys don't publish this, I just want you guys who write these articles to know that what you're printing, and what's happening in the real world, are completely the opposite.

All the reports I read on the June jobs data were vague. They tell us that 93,200 net new jobs were created mostly in the private sector albeit within the service sector along with self employment. We also know growth in part-time and full-time jobs were approximately split. More details will be nice such as the permanence and incomes of the jobs. A job for one day would be included in the data as well as seasonal. If the call for more immigrants is because a Tim Hortans needs someone to serve customers coffee then perhaps that Tim Hortans should never have been built in the first place.


Russell said...

This is Russell from Standing on Guard for Canada. Let me first commend you on your blog.
I have some ideas about how to advance the cause. Send me an email at

Ontario Andy said...

Talking about immigration, Tamils are remembering 1983 riots that enabled them entry to Canada.

I found some interesting comments posted at the Toronto Star article ( in response to the claims in it by Tamils.

I always knew there were two sides to every conflict. And considering we are saturated with Tales of Tamil always being the victims these ones (no doubt by Sinhalese) does give the other side to things (bits in bold are by me)

Raju Report CommentJuly 26th 2010, 12:30pm
There is no point in violent minorities complaining about "violence" of their creation nor is there any point beginning conveniently from 1983 -a highly exaggerated event from the point of view of Tamils. They are the ones who launched an "armed struggle" starting in 1976 (the ground work had already been laid in earlier years through ethnic cleansings programs against Sinhalese in the North. The post 76 phase was to "take on" the State and cause its collapse). Today they are suffering the consequences of these actions and are "upset" because the war and racist ideals they "invested" in has amounted to nothing. (part 1/5)

Raju Report CommentJuly 26th 2010, 12:31pm
1983 was retaliation directed at the viscously anti-Sinhala JR government for failing to reign in Tamil terror and slaughter of Sinhalese that was on going since the late 1960s but reached a new level under his administration. Most disgusting was that the violence was being funded by the likes of Amirthalingam and Tamil chauvinistic parties and politicians in tandem with Tamil businessmen all holding high levels of Government and influence at the time. While joy fully living in Colombo and colonising the South they where slaughtering Sinhalese in the North and East pushing their monoethnic racism (under which Sinhalese are inferior), Tamil DOMINATION and Tamil ONLY concepts -the root cause of all problems in Sri Lanka. (part 2/5)

Raju Report CommentJuly 26th 2010, 12:31pm
Many Tamils seized the opportunity provided in 1983 to go abroad to economically better off countries and be a source of additional "open" funding for violence and act as the door into Sri Lanka –part of "taking on" the State. When the initial riot began the mob that formed it were marching to JRs house out of anger at JR, true some Tamil shops and businesses believed to be establishments linked to the violence against Sinhalese in the North were burnt en route. Tamils elsewhere, backed by their racist politicians, seized on this factor. (part 3/5)

Raju Report CommentJuly 26th 2010, 12:32pm
They burnt their own shops and homes and attacked random innocent Sinhalese to trigger responses and make it look like a large scale well orchestrated event by Sinhalese, but in reality they themselves were behind it backed by Indian RAW.
Large numbers of supposedly "killed" Tamils magically came back to life in Western countries to start beating their chests and complain about their own "deaths" (why else is it that in 1989 when 40,000 Tamils who "fled" Sri Lanka citing "1983 violence" and entered Canada an equal number returned to Sri Lanka for holidays travelling on refugee visas). (part 4/5)

Ontario Andy said...


Raju Report CommentJuly 26th 2010, 12:33pm
To this day Tamils revel in 1983 and wish for another one, because the first one was so beneficial for them. More Sinhalese died that day than did Tamils (350 people died in Colombo, 150 where Sinhalese, 1000-1500 Sinhalese were killed in Baticola, Trincomalee together by Tamil gangs on orders from Amirthalingam but this goes unreported). Furthermore thousands of Sinhalese on the day (and in the weeks and months which followed) helped many Tamils get asylum in the West by vouching for them (even lying to help them) to only be repaid by never stopping death and destruction for the next 30 years. But as always we only hear tales of "poor Tamils". Alas that is the nature of Tamils. (part 5/5)

Raju Report CommentJuly 26th 2010, 1:06pm
People were charged for the riots in 1984, the International Commission of Jurists was in SL to carry out an investigation. They reported a total of 350 deaths (150 were Sinhalese), and also reported many of the Tamil shops/homes destroyed were self-inflicted, i.e. the Tamils set them on fire themselves, collected insurance and fled the country through the airport (only people in the world claiming to face "persecution" and "genocide" that hang around in the airport of the country where it is taking place to catch a plane). However excluded by all and unreported is the brutal murder of 1000-1500 Sinhalese in Baticola and Trincomalee by Tamil gangs on orders from Tamil political leaders like Amirthalingam which also took place in July 1983.

Raju Report CommentJuly 26th 2010, 1:08pm
Chandrika’s SLFP Government (1994-2001) apologised more than once & afforded compensation to "victims", including those in Canada and elsewhere in the West (these Tamils who got compensation had during the 83 period already sold their valuables, burnt their shops to get insurance and many returned in 89 period to re-claim their homes and property they had either sold or burnt stating they had been stolen to grab even MORE money). Intriguingly Tamils outside & within Sri Lanka heavily & loudly support the UNP which was in power in 83 & "responsible" for the riots. The UNP is lead today by Ranil Wickremasinghe, close confident & nephew of JR the President in 83; Ranil thus had great influence & power at the time.It is all a farce by Tamils

Raju Report CommentJuly 26th 2010, 1:13pm
You only need to see the way Tamils celebrate the event. That's right, they CELEBRATE the event because it benefited them so much and they would love another (as it enabled them free access to economically better Western countries with better qualities of life and plenty of other perks). You would think a people who were "forced" to leave their homes would be saddened by the event, instead Tamils revel in it. Not to mention that in the 1989 40,000 Tamils left the country for Canada claiming the aforementioned "persecution" and "genocide" while an equal number returned to the country while still on political asylum visas. This still continues to this day with many owning property and visting for "holidays" (all in the Sinhala areas at that)

Ontario Andy said...


Sunil Jayasekera Report CommentJuly 26th 2010, 2:59pm
Siva Vimal of Canadian Tamil Council says that Sri Lanka can not move forward until there is accountability for the events that took place in 1983. These racist tamils love to talk about Black July and the riots but they will never talk about how it all started. Who is accountable from the tamil side for all the atrocities committed by the racist tamils against poor Sinhalese people living in the north and the east during the 1970’s? Who is going to explain why 13 soldiers of the SL army were murdered by the racist tamil insurgents? Who is accountable for the innocent Sinhalese people killed by the racist tamils during the July 1983 riots in the North and the East?

Sunil Jayasekera Report CommentJuly 26th 2010, 3:00pm
And finally who is accountable for all the innocent people and political leaders killed by the racist tamil terrorists for 30 years? These racist tamils want the world to believe that they are innocent but the same people lighting candles to remember the tamils killed in 1983 have blood in their hands because for nearly 30 years they contributed towards deaths and destruction of our country. To all these racist Tamils, it is time you understand that Tamil is not some kind of superior race. Learn to co-exist and live with other races. You have no other choice.

Ontario Andy said...

Interesting to note the activities of Tamil politicians and violence they have engaged in, the murders of Sinhalese also happening on that day (and apparently for years before), the fact there has been an apology and compensation paid, culprits brought to justice and most damning of all Tamils holidaying and visiting Sri Lanka on refugee visas (along with flying out of the air port to Canada and the West). I am inclined to believe these on a personal level because I have heard of this (meeting many Tamils myself) of how they holiday in Sri Lanka while on Canadian refugee visas (barely a few months old), and the most pertinent fact they come to Western countries even though India is right next door.

It is also well known Canada is a base of operations for the Tigers and many Tamils support that violence and brutality of the Tigers (which began long before 1983 as reported by Steven Bell from the NationalPost and the McKenzie Institute).

Why do we so foolishly side with one side resulting in our country being flooded with unproductive migrants that are Canadians of convenience? I still have not forgotten how they blocked the route to hospitals, then the Gardiner without a care in the world.

PaxCanadiana said...

It is well known in refugee circles about alleged "refugees" returning to their homelands while their claims are still in the system.

Sri Lanka's Tamils really got carried away with this. In one particular year there were as many applications for return visas to Sri Lanka filed at the Sri Lankan consulate as there were asylum claims being filed in Canada by "persecuted" Sri Lankans.

The black Friday riots or the black July riots of 1983 is always invoked by Sri Lanakan Tamil "refugees" and their western born children to score political points and make their persecution fable all the more believable. One can only guess how many Tamils who were nowhere near Colombo at the time have used the riots as an excuse to claim refugee status and queue jump into Canada.

Daniel Stoffman once related an anecdote on TVO concerning the riots and the sudden increase of asylum claims from Sri Lanka that eventually flooded Canada. Many of the "refugees" were saying that Colombo isn't safe due to the rioting and they came to Canada to seek refuge (ignoring internal flight as an option or to Tamil Nadu). Canada's border guards investigated the claims, found Colombo to be safe, and rejected claims using the riot story. Unsurprisingly, the persecution story literally changed overnight and there was no decrease in the amount of claims flooding Canada from Sri Lanka. It was a scam but we ignored the red flags and rewarded the abuse and Canada was marked as a soft target for Sri Lankan Tamil persecution stories.

They were not refugees. They were economic migrants using the refugee system for immigration purposes. Something to think about when the boatload of 200 or so Tamils land on B.C.'s shores.