Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Most Racist Workplace She Had Ever Experienced.

After you read the title of this post what kind of workplace did you imagine? What was the racial make up of the employees? Who were the racists? Who were the victims? Read the post title again and hold that thought.

Now read the following:

Part of the problem seemed to lie in the new Employment Equity Commission. The commission had been set up by Rae specifically to advance the cause of disadvantaged groups, including racial minorities. Most staff members hired were from the four disadvantaged groups. But soon it was torn itself by racial animosity. Julie Mason, former director of communications for the federal NDP, worked for about one year at the commission. She later called it the most racist workplace she had ever experienced.

"I've never seen anything like it," Mason said. "It was absolutely vicious.... The blacks hated the Indians; the Indian were the most antisemitic; everyone hated the lesbians and gays.... There was a real pecking order. At the bottom were people with disabilities. Next to the bottom were white women. There were no white men, not until they had to bring in John DeMarco [a senior bureaucrat in Citizenship] to fix up the mess."

The above is from the book Rae Days: The rise And Follies Of The NDP by Toronto Star columnist Thomas Walkom and can be found in the chapter titled "Same Boat Now" (pp. 215-16 to be precise). The book is about Bob Rae and his years leading the NDP government of Ontario.

Some people have a hard time defining the word irony let alone using it correctly but if anyone has a hard time understanding it then let the above do the explaining. How fitting that a commission called the Employment Equity Commission; established by a socialist government to address assumed systemic discrimination in the workplace; staffed by people of alleged "disadvantaged groups"; a symbol of multicultural harmony free of the negative influences of the evil white man be described as "the most racist workplace" ever experienced by a member of an alleged disadvantaged group. And the icing on the cake is that a white man was needed to "fix up the mess."

I am of the opinion that the more racially diverse a society becomes the more racist it will be and if the workplace environment of the Employment Equity Commission can be taken as a working model of the liberal multicultural social fantasy, of Canada's future, then I seem justified in thinking that. This is because immigration fueled multiculturalism destroys a common identity that can unite a people and in its place a tribal mentality takes root.


Anonymous said...

During the dark days of Bob Rae's socialist government in Ontario, I was living in the Annex area of Toronto.

Looking back now, I can see where my own transformation of thought began to take shape.

I initially voted for the NDP (much to my chagrin) because the Black woman in my riding appeared to be best suitable ( unlike today, race didn't matter to me in those days).

However, when Rae tried to mimic Ottawa's employment-equity (displace "whitey") quota system in Ontario, I became so incensed that I departed the country for 2 years.

I was aware the "unofficial" racist program already quietly existed, but being a nice, tolerant white Canadian, I was prepared to accept a little "diversity".

However, it then became clear to me that thoroughly incompetent "visible minority" employees were being hired for positions well beyond their competency levels, and even promoted over more experienced white Canadians for the sake of a "little colour". Once that happens, its near impossible to get rid of them because they'll eventually play their "race card", and they know "whitey" is so fearsome of being called "racist", that white capitulation is the usual result.

Unlike the U.S.A. that was already mired in its own racial problems, Canada foolishly IMPORTED about 6 million racial "minorities" into a population of 24.6 million in 1980, so that we could suffer the same consequences.

You may find it interesting what Nicholas Stix has to say on this affirmative action angle.

PaxCanadiana said...

Rae Days can be found in the Toronto library system and it's worthwhile to get it just to read the chapter "Same Boat Now". It says something about how race has been politicized in this country by the so-called "disadvantaged groups" even though we are supposed to be a colour blind society.

Race is oftentimes invoked when something is to be gained by the people who tell us that race doesn't matter. So when a member of a "disadvantaged group" is denied a job, like the Indian immigrant law professor at the U of Windsor for instance, it is a clear case of "systemic discrimination" the needs to be dealt with and corrected. However if she got the position then it is a clear case of merit winning the day and race had nothing to do with it.

Andre (Canada) said... goes further!
There is a rule in place today with the Federal Government that says that no white male may be used in picture in any ad for the Federal Government except for one topic and one topic only.
Want to take a guess?
Domestic violence of course! Yes, you read this right. White males can only be used in pictures as violent abusers.
Surprised? I am not!

Unknown said...

The typical white liberal view of racism is that ALL minorities are innocent victims of White racism. In my experience, whites are the LEAST likely to be racist, and MOST hostile to racist least among other whites. There seems to be no understanding that racism is a universal human problem, and that minorities [minorities here...majorities back home in most cases] are highly likely to be riddled with racist notions that are freely imported to the 'Canadian mosaic'...

Empedocles said...

I think readers here might be interested in the post "Alienation and Diversity" found here:

Just being honest said...

That was almost 20 years ago. What have we done since then to ensure this nonsense doesn't repeat itself?

Anonymous said...

Slight correction to my previous comment above....should read "since" 1980.

Andre says "There is a rule in place today with the Federal Government that says that no white male may be used in picture in any ad for the Federal Government except for one topic and one topic only."

Tracking down that "rule" would be a great expose`, if there's some officially written material that's buried in a gov't document.

Here's a related item on the vanishing Canadian white male in official photo releases.

It seems the White Canadian male doesn't merit much exposure in government brochures, nor even television advertisements....UNLESS, it's some wimpy white male foolishly imitating a feline that's begging to be fed in a silly pet food commercial.

Such is role we play today, due to the constant denigration of the White male who has been culturally emasculated over these past couple of decades.

Ever notice how the vast over-representation of a mere 2% of the Canadian population seems to prevail in today's televised world, whether in commercial advertising or TV roles? Blacks are those two percenters, if you hadn't guessed!

On the latter point, how often have you seen Blacks portrayed as criminals in Canadian TV? They're almost always placed in distinguished or professional leadership roles who command respect from their White male underlings.

On the topic of real life criminals, check out these photos.

Also, try placing a Black man in that silly cat role mentioned above, and there would be howls of protests from "the community" screaming at the advertisers to remove that denigrating commercial.

...and if I had a cat, that would be reason enough NOT to buy their product.

Blacks are a recent phenomena in Canada due to mass 3rd world immigration, yet they seem to have quickly vaulted to the top in the eyes of television, and also in real life with the help of employment inequity, at the expense of those other, and usually more qualified men who merit as little photographic exposure as possible.

Anonymous said...

Multicult equity witch hunts are simply left wing racism - just as ugly as any other variety of racism and just as abhorant to antone who values true sicuial equity.

Whites are not Native to Canada! said...

Whites racist complaining about reverse Racism?

Typical Racists; playing the victim.

Hitler and the SS cried discrimination while they where trying to exterminate not only Jew but other No whites as well.

Maybe you did get the job because you are not Qualified and not because your white?

Most companies in Canada are still mostly White male dominated even those owned by Coloured people.

Anonymous said...

What's reverse racism?

Racism is racism. Affirmative action is racism specifically against white
English speaking males.

Your ignorance is shocking.

Anonymous said...

Affirmative action???!!! Where???!! I live in Ottawa, and almost every position of authority is held by a white male or a white female. I am the only brown person where I work, and half my coworkers don't know their job! Such a pity that you have a problem with a few brown, black and native people having a better job than yours.

It' almost as if you think that being white is enough, and that alone should get you a better job! There is such a thing as education, personality and work experience. Dropping out of college, living with your parents and job hopping wont get you far.

You are no better than me, and I am no better than you, despite what society has made you believe.