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Assimilation Fail: Silly Chinese Superstitions v. Canadian Compassion.

A decision by the University of British Colombia to build a hospice next door to an upscale condo development situated on UBC property has rattled the predominately Asian residents who live there. Read it here.

Dozens of angry Asian residents of a posh, University of B.C., highrise building aim to stage a placard-waving protest rally to protest a 15-bed hospice being planned next door.

“We cannot have dying people in our backyard,” said rally organizer Janet Fan, Wednesday “It’s a cultural taboo to us and we cannot be close to so many dying people. It’s like you open your door and step into a graveyard.”

Fan lives on the 17th floor at Promontory, at 2688 West Mall, near Thunderbird Stadium.


Fan said 80 per cent of the residents of her 18-storey building are Asian and are strongly opposed.

Their concerns:

“Units here are worth $1 million,” she added. “We put our life savings into this.”

She said residents are worried the hospice will have a negative impact on their property values.

Asian residents living in other buildings in the upscale Hawthorn Place neighborhood have signed a 200-name petition, including 65 from Fan’s building.

So money is the issue. It is apparent that a return on their investment is more important to these Asians than the well being of a few terminally ill patients. I should also add that the hospice would also serve as an instrument for research and instruction for the university's Faculty of Medicine.

It should be noted that this isn't the first time the hospice has met opposition:

It met with complaints when it was originally planned for Marine Drive, close to Place Vanier student residences.

Joe Stott, director of Campus and Community Planning, said objections came from students who didn’t want to have to keep quiet at night and from Pacific Spirit Park and the Wreck Beach Preservation Society.

So should we hold the Chinese residents of 2688 West Mall to a different standard? The answer is yes. Were they assimilated immigrants who could properly call themselves Canadians, which they are not but more akin to Chinese colonialists abusing Canadian hospitality, then it wouldn't be an issue.

You see, the reason why it is an issue to Asians is because of the address of the building. It has the number 8 in it. Two of them in fact and in Chinese culture 8 is a lucky number. It also has a 2 and a 6 in the address and these are also condiered good numbers. This is primarily the reason why the condo units are fetching such a high price. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if the developer was aware of the significance these numbers have to superstitious Chinese and constructed the building to Asian cultural sensibilities. Indeed, I wouldn't be surprised if the developer himself was Chinese. Whatever the case may be it explains why the building is occupied by 80% Asian residents who were likely the target market (who probably paid more than what the units are worth). In turn the residents intend to sell their properties at inflated prices to other Chinese buyers drawn to the residency by the numbers of the address ending in double 8s. So the building was constructed to sell over valued condo units to Chinese buyers because of the address numbers, who in turn intend to flip their properties at inflated prices to other Chinese buyers. Its Asians selling to Asians selling to Asians selling to Asians selling to Asians all because of a 2 and a 6 and a magical double 8.

The hospice threatens the money-grubbing ambitions of these Asian real estate speculators because it negates the magical powers of the condo's address. The hospice houses and treats the terminally ill. That means death will reside next door and as stated death is a "cultural taboo" to Asians. This is why they are protesting. It's about money, not compassion. It is to the shame of the student body whose objections are based on a need to party all night but it is equally shameful to the objecting Asians who concerns are buoyed by silly Asian superstitions.

When it comes to real estate, address numbers are of little concern to us Canadians. So are cemeteries. Indeed, a well kept cemetery can oftentimes be an attraction to people out for recreational purposes like walking or jogging or a place for quite contemplation. Mount Pleasant cemetery here in Toronto provides an excellent example. What's important to us is location, location, location and we are willing to pay good money for a decent location but we don't care to pay an inflated price just because the Asian seller thinks the address numbers are housing supernatural power. Only one who shares that same kind of magical thinking will entertain the asking price which invariably means another Asian.

This is an example of culture clash where unassimilated Asian, mostly Chinese, immigrants have failed to adopt the host culutre's sense of compassion. Nor have they come to appreciate how little we care about their nonsensical superstitious thinking and why it should be at the bottom of the list when it comes to cultural accommodation. And that is if, and I mean a big IF, we should bother to accommodate them at all. If they claim to be Canadian then perhaps they should show some of that compassion we Canadians are told we have. If they cannot do that then perhaps they should be shown the door because it's quite clear from their objections to the hospice that they have no intent on assimilating and are in fact in Canada for less flattering reasons.

For more read this bulletin.


Viejo Verde en Sodoma said...

PaxCanadiana said...

Well, according to a Globe and Mail report:

"The stellar performance of East Asian students, those of Chinese background in particular, has lifted immigrant scores on the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s tests of 15-year-olds in math, science and reading, and obscured the fact that Hispanic and Caribbean students are slipping through the cracks."

"For example, only one in five Creole-speaking students in Montreal graduates from high school on time. Only 42 per cent of Latin American students in Toronto meet standards on Grade 6 math tests, compared with 86 per cent of East Asians. Vietnamese students fare better in Montreal than they do in Vancouver, but no one knows why."

Seeing how you're Spanish speaking and I assume Latin American would you agree then that Canada should severely restrict Latin American immigration to favour Asian immigrants because it's quite clear that it ain't Latin Americans who are going to university.

With that said do you still want to make that argument?

Viejo Verde en Sodoma said...

I was talking about immigrants and canadians. I wasn't talking about one specific race.
Im Mexican living in Calgary, dont hate me.

PaxCanadiana said...

I was talking about immigrants and canadians. I wasn't talking about one specific race.

You actually weren't talking about anything at all. You just left a link to a Calgary Herald news article.

Judging by the article I assume you mean to say that immigrant children are more likely to go to university than Canadian born children thus all immigrants are beneficial to the country. You err by trying to group all immigrants into one whole implying that all are equally beneficial when clearly that is not the case as the Globe and Mail article makes clear.

So your response, if I can call it that, is a failure. It worked against by reinforcing that some immigrants, Asians in particular, are more beneficial to Canada than others like South Americans and Mexicans. That being the case it supports one of the aims of my blog which is to promote more selective and exclusive immigration.

With that said I ask you again, would you agree then that Canada should severely restrict Latin American immigration to favour Asian immigrants since it is the children of Asian immigrants who are going to university and not the children on South American immigrants who are barely making it out of secondary school?

Anonymous said...

"I was talking about immigrants and canadians."

Newcomers to Canada often bring their "inferiority complexes" with them, which in turn prompts them to lash out at their hosts when the opportunity arises. Or similar to a poor man denigrating a rich man to make himself feel better. So, is your interpretation of this newspaper article you refer to meant to imply that immigrants in Canada are somehow "smarter" than Canadians?

You know, the very people who actually built and developed this first-world nation for ourselves, and the country, you as a guest, seem to be attracted to?

We may appear to be the "world's weak kid on the immigration block" due to our insane immigration policies, but I can assure you, that ordinary Canadians sitting around their kitchen tables are "mad as hell" of having our charitable pockets picked while treated as the hotel bell hop catering to every damn request demanded of them.

Nobody "hates" you, but do try showing a little respect for your hosts, the OWNERS of this hotel.

Anyhow, from the academic P.O.V., I think Pax has defended her position well enough.


Time and space are lacking here to give that disingenuous newspaper article a thrashing; but look at the file photo they chose to display. One Canadian white kid in the foreground, amongst all minorities including the ever-present, black person holding the authority role, much like they would present in indoctrinating movies and television shows. But, that's a whole different topic in itself.

PaxCanadiana said...

It may be true that children of immigrants are more prone to go to university than Canadian born however it is more accurate to say that children of SOME immigrant groups go to university while others don't.

As the Globe and Mail piece makes clear it is Asian immigrants who are making all immigrants look good on the education front whereas many others are clearly unable to manage.

I also think using university attendance as a marker for integration and success is over rated and a distraction from more pertinent arguments. Canadians already go to university and many are learning that a university education is not all that it's touted to be. Toronto police officers are making more money than many university educated people and that's with a high-school eduction (and the strong arm tactics of a police association that bullies city hall). There are so many university degrees in the job market now it is has devalued it along with its earning power. Of all the G8 nations Canada has the highest educated workforce with the highest percentage of its population with some form of post-secondary education.

On top of that we are importing immigrants with university degrees. Canada imports more engineering degrees than it produces. Do we really need all those engineering degrees each and every year?

So to point out that children of immigrants go to university more so than Canadians warrants a shrug of my shoulders and a big, so what?

Nobody "hates" you, but do try showing a little respect for your hosts, the OWNERS of this hotel.

I think shopping mall is more accurate of how Canada is viewed through immigrant eyes.

Viejo Verde en Sodoma said...

Your interpretation of this newspaper article shows your own "inferiority complexes", No one is talking about who is smarter.

I know, the very people who actually built and developed this first-world nation for Canadian and immigrants.

I show respect for this country, I work hard every day, I pay my taxes, my kids study really hard, that is real respect.

The article is from a CANADIAN newspaper.

Dont forget the real " OWNERS of this hotel" are - Wakashan
- Salishan
- Tsimshian
- Tlingit
- Haidian
- Athapaskan
- Kootenaian
- Algonquian
- Siouian
- Iroquoian
- Eskaleut
- Beothuk

Viejo Verde en Sodoma said...

I agree with Pax about immigrats must to assimilate in the Canadian culture and keep our own traditions inside of our house.

About Pax's question, is a mistake to take desicions by looking one factor.

An university degree is not a gift for Asian, Latin American or "white people". People must work hard for get what they want.

PaxCanadiana said...

I know, the very people who actually built and developed this first-world nation for Canadian and immigrants.

There you go again. You are trying to conflate all immigrants as if they are one and the same; as if immigrants to the country today should be held in the equal esteem to the founding settler people of the country; as if they are just part of an ongoing narrative. That's not true. Canada is a nation with an immigration policy that has a host society who share a common European ancestry and national history.

But you're wrong. Immigrants didn't build and develop Canada. European, Christian settlers built and developed Canada if you want to get specific. From their hard work and sacrifice the modern nation state of Canada was born. South Americans, Asians and South Asians, and Africans had very little to do with it.

I show respect for this country, I work hard every day, I pay my taxes, my kids study really hard, that is real respect.

Ah, they all say that. Even if it is true who cares? Paying taxes is the law. And expecting your kids to study hard is about self interest not civic duty. Asians cherish education not for its own sake but the opportunity it grants them to earn a lot on money. I doubt your desire for your children is any different. Self interest brought you to Canada, not any desire to be Canadian.

Dont forget the real " OWNERS of this hotel" are -

So does that make you a colonizer of indigenous land? I guess that makes you a colonialist to the second degree by contributing to the colonizing of the host the society you immigrated to which itself was/is a colony of an indigenous host society. So I guess colonialism is great for you so long as you're doing it to someone else. I mean, what's Aztlan all about?

About Pax's question, is a mistake to take desicions by looking one factor.

Oh, please. That's what you tried to do with the Calgary Herald article but it blew up in your face when confronted with the finer details of the reality of it.

But you are correct, we shouldn't look at just one factor. We also need to look at integration factors and who assimilates best into the host society, amongst others. As much as we don't want to discuss it race is also a factor. So what if Asians excel at education. This doesn't mean the wholesale importation of them that alters the demographic make up of the country.

I'm sure you'd agree with me if immigration patterns were reversed and the whole world was flooding into Mexico but you don't have to worry about that now do you? Hell, even Mexico is building a wall along its border with Guatemala to keep migrants out. What's the Spanish word for hypocrites? HipĆ³critas is it?

Viejo Verde en Sodoma said...

Im again.
You are trying to conflate immigrants and Canadians.
Every society in the world share a national history.
"Immigrants didn't build and develop Canada" Are you and your ancestors first nation people?
To pay taxes is the law, my employer knows i work harder than Canadian people, is to work hard the law too?
Do you think is possible to develope a nation with out science?
Can you say where is the wall between Mexico and Guatemala? Trust me,there is not a wall between Mexico and Guatemala. Everybody is able to live in Mexico if they want.

PaxCanadiana said...

"Immigrants didn't build and develop Canada" Are you and your ancestors first nation people?

Did the indigenous people found and build the modern nation state called Canada that you chose to immigrate to or were you attracted to a Canada built by other people on land the natives happen to occupy at the time? Are immigrants coming to a country built by native Canadians or one that was built by European settlers governed by British common law? No need to answer that because the answer is obvious.

Look, this whole "we're all immigrants" trope is tiresome and it's untrue. Around 80% of the population was born in Canada and it's been like that for a long time. It would be higher if it were not for mass immigration. How can you say we are a nation of immigrants when the vast majority of the populace is native born? If you mean that all our ancestors were immigrants at one time then I ask why stop there? If we go back further in time then I guess we're all Africans.

"We're all immigrants" is said by people like you as a kind of land claim to my country. The basis of that statement rests in Canada's settler history by which you argue that if Europeans can come and colonize indigenous lands then you have that right to. Indeed, you are no different than those first settlers, the only difference being the time at which you arrived. In other words you claim the right to colonize indigenous lands like the first European settlers.

The implication is that Canadians have no right to control the inflow of people into their country because doing so is an act of hypocrisy; that Canadians have no legitimate claim of national sovereignty over this particular part of world real estate; that everyone the world over should not be denied the right to come to Canada and continue the colonial process initiated by the Europeans. In effect this is a denial of Canadian nationhood and national character. Now, I don't think anyone in Mexico would accept this bulls**t if spoken about Mexico so don't expect us to. employer knows i work harder than Canadian people...

I get it, we Canadians are stupid and slothful and if it weren't for immigrants like you the country would fall apart and become like, well, Mexico.

Do you think is possible to develope a nation with out science?

I don't know what you mean by that.

Can you say where is the wall between Mexico and Guatemala? Trust me,there is not a wall between Mexico and Guatemala. Everybody is able to live in Mexico if they want.

Anonymous said...

You're seeing this whole debate with myopic eyes born into a foreign culture entirely unlike our own, and despite the efforts by "multiculturalists" telling you otherwise, real Canadians do uphold a certain pride in our own hard-fought traditions.

You are taking the same position of me, -- as an example -- if I as a presumptuous white guy had emigrated to Mexico and informed the Mexican people "this is not your land"; it belongs to these people.

First, I would not even assume such an arrogant position simply because I'm totally unfamiliar with Mexican culture, nor with the threaded nuances of languages and traditions spread across Mexico. I would have to be born there, or live amongst the Mexican people for 30 years before only beginning to understand the Mexican psyche.

You say: "Are you and your ancestors first nation people?"

That's you, a recently-arrived foreign immigrant/refugee picking up some outmoded lingo propagated for the purpose of guilt-rendering reasons, and throwing it at White European Canadians. You might as well toss the "racist" word in there as well.

Perhaps your definition of a "Native" Canadian differs from my own. Allow me to explain it this way:

My "settler" ancestors arrived in an undeveloped land composed of vast forests and lakes sometime in the early 1800s, and only after a 3 or 4 month journey across treacherous waters in a leaky European wooden boat.

No "first-nations" immigration officers, no "first-nations" welfare, no "first-nations" hospitals, no "first-nations" highway system, no "first-nations" industrial base, no borders, no government, no laws, etc. etc.

Fast forward to the 21st century. All those original Europeans are now dead, along with all the Indians of those previous times. And, if you really want to "split hairs" here; I, as a native White Canadian-born entity, arrived by birth long BEFORE many so-called "first-nations" people, simply by being born in this land called Canada, decades before their own present-day births.

Anyhow, look around you and what do you find, but a modern infrastructural-base development, literally constructed from the ground up, and an infrastructure that only began with those early, innovative European settlers right up to their present-day ancestors who, through blood, sweat, and tears carried on building and developing this land into the sovereign nation we call Canada, today. And, all that happened, even before you setting foot the first time in our country.

Imagine that! We didn't need your "help", and managed to build our country without you!

You say: "Do you think is possible to develope (sic) a nation with out science?"

Like I said, we're already a developed nation, but Mexico is still struggling with the development stage should consider them, first!

In fact, Asians and Africans didn't even begin arriving in Canada through mass immigration efforts until the early 1970s (then 97% White, now 84%), and that was long after Canada was ALREADY built and developed. So we didn't require their "help" either.

Mexican nationals are an even more recent phenomena since what -- the the last 10-15 years(?), so you hardly qualify as any authority to lecture Canadians on any national shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps "Viejo Verde en Sodma" would like to read what other real Canadians have to say on the immigration issue HERE.

Viejo Verde en Sodoma said...

OK, Do not worry ill be Canadian in a few years.

PaxCanadiana said...

OK, Do not worry ill be Canadian in a few years.

That depends on you. Calling yourself a Canadian and being a Canadian are two separate things. Just because you live in Canada and are legally entitled to carry a Canadian passport does not make you a Canadian. There are millions of people in this country who are Canadian on paper only. Chinese immigrants provide a good example of such a people. They are more akin to colonialists than immigrants, and can scarcely call themselves Canadians when they are clearly Chinese who happen to be residing in my country. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it must be a duck.

But perhaps your blog will tell us whether you'll be a Canadian or not. It is about "Life in Canada" and is written in Spanish. From this we can surmise it is for a Spanish speaking audience, most likely your compatriots back in Mexico but definitely not Canadians, written from the viewpoint of a stranger in a strange land like a traveler's journal about life among the natives.

From this we can deduce that your national affinity is with your fellow Mexicans and that you view yourself as a Mexican living in the land of the Canadians. And this makes you a Canadian how exactly? Does the perfunctory citizenship ceremony, which attendance is not mandatory and is mostly for show, magically turn you into a Canadian?

Calling yourself a Canadian is a choice but look at it this way: when you go to Chinatown do you see Canadians or Chinese? Do you see Chinese culture or Canadian culture? I rest my case.

Spirit Wolf said...

If immigrants are getting into college more than Canadians, then it's likely because of all the "affirmative action" style perks and policies that make sure white kids get the leftovers, if they can afford to get in at all.

There should be NO places for immigrants or foreign students as long as ONE Canadian who wants to work is jobless.