Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mississauga's 'Colony of Wives' Illustrates That There Are No Jobs For Immigrants.

So why, again, are we importing record numbers of them?

Articles like the one linked to above mask the real story behind a, yet another, immigrant puff piece concocted to curry sympathy from the reader instead of critically thinking about the issue.

In a nutshell the article is about immigrant women, in this instance from Pakistan, who suffer the loneliness and anxieties of being single mothers in Canada while their husbands work abroad.

When I read the story the first thing that came to my mind was to ask why are they here? The article admits that their husbands were unable to find suitable work in Canada and so work abroad while their families remain here in Canada so that they can do time to secure Canadian citizenship. So if they, the husbands, were unable to find suitable work in Canada then why are they here and, more importantly, why did Canada let them immigrate here in the first place since there was no real demand for the labour?

What's striking is that this phenomenon is so commonplace that it has allowed the creation of the so-called "colony of wives" in Mississauga, a city approaching one million inhabitants neighbouring Toronto on its west side. This is more proof in the pudding that Canada is importing too many immigrants and that there are no jobs for them unless they want to work in dead-end service sector jobs.

Also, the story also spotlights the parasitic practice of dumping family members in Canada while one parent, typically the husband, works abroad. By doing so he minimizes his tax responsibilities that otherwise support services he expects to take full advantage. This practice, one Chinese and Korean immigrants have gotten down to a science and made into a cultural practice, has to stop. This can be done by taxing overseas income and making requirements to obtain and hold Canadian citizenship tougher.


Anonymous said...

I am quite sure that all income, including foreign income, must be declared.

ironbridge said...

I wonder if anyone has the vague memory of immigration supposedly being a benefit to the host country? The prevailing thought now is we owe something to the world and benefiting Canada would be seen as selfish. Oh, and likely racist.

PaxCanadiana said...

I am quite sure that all income, including foreign income, must be declared.

Declared in an honour system kind of way? They tell us how much they made and we take their word for it? I'm sure that's working out quite well.

Frances said...

With respect to taxes, take a look at page 2. In large, bold letters it states: "As a Canadian resident, you have to report your income from all sources both inside and outside Canada." That's the rule. And when you sign on page 4, you are affirming that you have indeed reported your income form all sources world-wide. The T1 is a legal document.

However, as you will have noticed, Canada taxes on residency. The Americans, on the other hand, tax on both residency and citizenship. US citizens around the world are required to fill out American tax returns as well as those for the countries in which they are resident. Even non-citizens with green cards are - in my understanding - required to fill out US tax returns. There is some provision for recoginzing tax paid to another country, but Americans can end up paying taxes to two countries.

If the husbands of these women manage to establish themselves as 'non-resident', then they are not liable to pay Canadian tax. If you want to see how this determination is done, go to the CRA website and search for NR73 and NR74. Given the families are here, the ties should be sufficient that they should be filing Canadian tax forms and declaring their income from all souraces worldwide, but I suspect they've found loopholes.

Anonymous said...

It's depressing. It's like all Western nations have just lost all common sense.

I worked with a Pakistani women who made a point of telling me how lazy caucasian women were and how they were selfish mothers and wives.

I'm not sure where she got this information from but I'm assuming it is 'common knowledge' in the Pakistani community.

It was pretty surreal listening to someone say something so racist about your gender and race, knowing that if you uttered something someone thought was racist you'd been given the third degree.

I can't understand why we are all importing people who seem to hate us. It just seems to be a recipe for disaster.

I'm in Australia. We're a few years behind but rapidly catching up.

Anonymous said...

These immigrants have been brought here by our White elites because there is another agenda that they have been perpetrating upon White people, and that is the long-standing attempt to force-assimilate the founding White population out of existence with the non-White populations that they are leading into our countries in Greater Anglosphere.

If you look at the evidence you will find that virtually every measure or policiy that our elites have perpetrated upon our people at least since WW2 has been decidedly against the interests of the White people of this country in specific and Greater Anglosphere in general. It is an attempted genocide pure and simple.

PaxCanadiana said...

However, as you will have noticed, Canada taxes on residency...
but I suspect they've found loopholes.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think the major loophole is that they tell us what they made overseas and we just believe them. They can lie and en up paying no taxes on incomes the incomes they made and hid away in overseas accounts. It's a major reason why Canada is so attractive to the Chinese.

PaxCanadiana said...

I worked with a Pakistani women who made a point of telling me how lazy caucasian women were and how they were selfish mothers and wives[...]It was pretty surreal listening to someone say something so racist about your gender and race, knowing that if you uttered something someone thought was racist you'd been given the third degree.

Ever heard of the "Tiger Mom" in the U.S? Look her up if you haven't. She made some very disparaging and racist comments about white mothers (but not of blacks or Hispanics for some reason).

Then don't forget the comments Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's former PM, said of white Australians. He called them the "poor white trash in Asia". I believe this racist view of whites, and it is racism in the purest sense since it implies racial superiority, is held by many Asians even as they immigrate to white majority countries. If that's how they feel then why do we allow them the privilege of immigrating at all?

Anonymous said...

PaxCanadiana - I don't think people realise how racist a lot of Asians are.

I only know because I live in South Korea for 18 months and did Asian Studies at university.

There is a particular hatred for Caucasian women. We are good for 'sex practice' but not much else.

Australian politicians seem determined to Asianize Australia. This may be good for Caucasian men as Asian women are in vogue, so it is easier for them to be part of this push to Asianize us.

It's not going to be good for Caucasian women because they are at the coal face of the racism from not only Asians but the muslim community.

I've heard that Asians are a lot more respectful toward white men because they hold the power. I'm not sure what is going to happen when / if they no longer hold the power.

I've heard of Tiger Mum; I'm not surprised she was disparaging toward white women, I've come to expect it from most Asians.

Anonymous said...


The first thing to understand about the Pakistani woman is that she is by nature an anti-White. Why? Because she is not White, she is a different race from us. It is natural for her in other words to say and committ actions which at root are aimed at the denigration and diminution of her racial opponent. That is something that is a given. One thing that you must understand about White people is that we are not inherently as racial as non-Whites...and that is racial. We become more racial as more and more non-Whites are forced upon us. Twenty years ago in Canada hardly any White people were angrily discussing race...Now almost all of us are talking about matters from a racial point of view, more importantly from a White racial point of view. This has been a massive change in mindset and sentiment for White people in this country, and in fact, all over Greater Anglosphere.

It is important to remember here one incredibly important fact in regard to non-White immigration that an increasing number of us are coming to grips with. It has been our own White anglo-elites that have facilitated, financed, and led this unprecedented massive migration of non-Whites into our countries in Greater Anglosphere. They have tried to kill off their own founding gene pool and that's all there is to it. Evidently they needed to do this to secure their new world order. This is what we have been told.

It is important to go after the real perpetrators here in regard to the attempted force-assimilation of White children with non-White migrants, and that it the White anglo-elites. They are guily of HUGE crimes against White children, and they are in HUGE trouble. Can you spell TRIBUNAL???

Anonymous said...

8:04 AM says: "It was pretty surreal listening to someone say something so racist about your gender and race, knowing that if you uttered something someone thought was racist you'd been given the third degree."

Therein lies the problem.

White people the world over, and within their own countries, are so afraid of challenging these other races for fear of being thought of as "racist".

Anonymous said...

You mean in they're opinion we are racist. They're just saying that because we are White. Everybody knows the term anti-racist is just another codeword for ANTI-WHITE. We don't have to take anything that comes from that kind of maniacally anti-White genocidal mindset.

Anonymous said...

We are constantly told that we need immigrants to help pay taxes, yet many immigrants take more than they give. With our social services limited and stretched to the maximum: long waits for subsidized rent, daycare, food, etc., why would we bring anyone in who would only add to the burden?

This morning in a Calgary paper they were talking about the long line ups at the local food bank, and mentioned that an immigrant family of five had recently arrived, but had no work. They arrived two hours ahead to get handouts at the food bank. All they are doing is contributing to the long line ups for donated food, and adding to the hardships of Canadians already in line. If we are supposedly selecting through points the best and the brightest, and ensuring employment, why are people arriving that put a greater strain on already stretched resources?

I understand that maybe that family might improve their situation in the long term; but without connections, and perhaps language issues, they might only make the minimum and pay little taxes. All they need is a few hospital stays to outweight what they pay in taxes. Canada cannot afford helping so many new people as there are already people here who need help. We are only making it worse for everybody.

I have watched the decline in city life in Toronto over 20 years - more crowded, unpleasant, because of the vast numbers of immigrants arriving. Competition for jobs is fierce, and rent eats up much of your salary.

Why are our politicians more interested in helping those from other countries but not our own citizens? If this keeps going at this pace - nearly 300,000 immigrants plus another 400,000 in temporary workers, students who never plan to return home, etc., then we are in for a terrible time in 30 years.

We can help subsidize a limited number of those who need help from other countries. However, why must it be in the neighbourhood of 300,000/ year. That's nearly a million in 3 years, and I'm not even including the temporary workers and students who almost all intend to try to stay on. We can help, but we probably need 10 years to have no immigration so that we can repair the damage done, the backlog and try to assimilate people, and then re-start at very limited numbers.