Monday, 10 October 2011

If Landlords Can Advertise For Muslim Only Tenants...

...does that mean, if principles are to be applied equally, that Canada can choose to accept only non-Muslim citizens?

Isn't it the same thing only on different scales?

Are we to see this as yet another example of Muslims rejecting the principles of living in a multicultural society while hypocritically reaping the benefits of living in one? If they don't want to live with non-Muslims then why are they in Canada in the first place? Is Muslim immigration really about immigration or is it Islamic colonialism and invasion through immigration? And are demands for accommodation acts of conquest? If so then they are not here to live with us. They are here to eventually rule over us and turn Canada into an Islamic state. If that is true, even in the slightest, then we need to rethink Muslim immigration and the place Islam has within Canadian society.

In all honesty I happen to side with the landlords. It is their property and if they so desire want to rent to Muslim tenants only then so be it.

But this should be applied to the nation as well expressed through the immigration system. We only accept immigrants from all over the world, including Muslims, on principle but in reality there is nothing compelling us to do so. If Canadians want to keep the country white majority and preserve its European heritage then let our immigration system reflect that desire. Being Canadian is more than just the acceptance of a bunch of values that aren't even unique to the country anyway.

Seriously, what people whole heartedly embraces a future in which they will be rendered a minority through the steady importation of disparate and unassimilating peoples who at times find themselves in conflict with the host culture? I'm pretty sure all native Tibetans just love the Han Chinese colonization of their country and welcome each Han Chinese immigrant with open arms. Aren't they enriching them with their diversity after all?

Muslims can't have it both ways. They can't establish colonies and enforce "no go zones" - quasi mini Islamic states in western cities exclusive to Muslims - yet support indiscriminate, liberal immigration systems that let them waltz into western nations and set up their exclusive Muslims colonies in the first place. I think the populace has made it clear that they are uncomfortable with Muslim immigration and the ever growing presence of Islam within Canadian territory. So, if Muslims feel they have the right to deny non-Muslims the opportunity to live on Muslim owned properties in Canada then I guess the citizens of Canada have the right to deny Muslims the opportunity to enter and settle in the country.

Fair's fair, is it not?

As for Canada's Human Rights Commission let's stop kidding ourselves once and for all. They are not about the universal protection of human rights but a weapon of mass destruction aimed at the host European, Christian heritage culture of Canada chiefly conservative, white, working class males.


Anonymous said...

I have been saying this for the last 5 years...they are not here to be Canadian, they are here to take over.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see these "no-go zones" seized via eminent domain, leveled, and turned into public parks. Every one that pops up with some ridiculous racist residency policy, official or not, smack it down. Then after a year, offer it for public auction to build new residences. Either resident owners will be a lot more conscientious about blatant racism, or renting owners will be a lot more careful the kinds of folks they rent to for fear of having their property seized again.

sarsori said...

Why is that most westerners hate the principle of Islam. Yet they really don't know what real islam is all about. Don't judge Muslims by the extrem ones, its like judging USA with the bad behaivior of Black , Hispanics or criminals.
Must read more about islam to judge muslims

mccorquodale said...

I am currently traveling in a Muslim country and I can honestly say that as a woman, its probably the most unsettling country I have ever traveled. I am Canadian and I would be devastated to see the women of my country become 2nd class citizens as they are in this country.
It's the emancipation of women 500 years ago!
Immigration Canada must either put an end to the Muslim community allowing racism or put an end to allowing them to immigrate into what is a beautiful country! I love my country and would hate to see it tarnished by immigrants with zero tolerance for other cultures.

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian woman traveling in a Muslim country currently, I can tell you that it is the most unsettling country I have traveled in. Women here are chattel and treated as 2nd class citizens or less. Immigration Canada must either stop the Muslim majority where women are hidden behind a veil and uneducated, not allowed to vote or have any sort of freedom. Those are basic human rights and it's criminal for our government to allow it in Muslim communities throughout the country. Granted, not all are that restricted but a great majority are.
Australia has the right idea, if you don't like what we have, stay where you are. Leave your hatred and prejudices in the country you are trying to escape from.

Anonymous said...

It's not us that shall prevail but our children's children you ass-kissing liberal scum.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Trudeau - your plan to destroy all things English, culture, heritage, language is proceeding at a pace!

Anonymous said...

My property will be rented to people I choose to rent to. I do not choose to grant you entitlement rights to my property. Too simple?

Then to explain it another way. You (whoever "you" are, either gov't or human wrongs dept., are in no position to restrict my freedom of choosing my own tenants. If I choose to NOT have you on my property, I'll order you off MY property forthwith!

We're all familiar with the term "White flight". But have you ever heard of "Black flight"?

The meaning couldn't be any more transparent than what is said there, so let's avoid any hypocrisy over this whole issue.

Those are simply unwritten rules that White people obey without hardly any discussion, and that includes hypocritical liberal/leftists who wear their two-faced masks with moral superiority.

"Ethnic" communities are formed because humans find it more comfortable living amongst others of similar race, colour or religion. Check out any city high school lunch room and watch the students congregate in segregated groups of their own making.

So, I too, support the Muslims in their right to advertise for Muslim-only tenants.

But, double standards when I demand the same rights to discriminate on my own terms as well!!!

Anyhow, if this hated business of multiculturalism hadn't been imposed on Canadians some two generations ago, we wouldn't be having this debate today.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of CRAP!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is white and his landlord is moslem and that landlord is a complete idiot, breaking every law in the book. Alot of tenants have had to leave abruptly. He is also renting illegal rooms and not claiming to the tax man. He keeps telling him he cant have overnight guests! This isnt canadian culture its not his business first of all, that space is rent- its just because hes against canadian culture. He is also very cheap.On thanksgiving he wanted my boyfriend to pay 20 dollars extra just so he could cook a turkey in the oven! I am alone here so it was my only place to go......I found that quite offensive. Now im waiting to see what he will say when he puts up a christmas tree in his room- cause if that is a problem there will be war! This landlord kicked out a man from ukraine who ran out of work so that tenant took him to court and won!! Gee arent these moslems nonprejudice and accommodating people.........and just last week he insulted me by telling me that jesus is a prophet and he most certainly is not a prophet he is the son of God, if i said his god was a prophet i would most probably have my neck slashed.

Anonymous said...

Peace would never be on earth while it's occupied by racist people like you. People we are past the crusades period. Wake up it's a free world now and everyone should accept others religion and freedom.

alanoudy said...

As Sarsori said, don't judge all muslims based on the extrem ones. These extremists actions do not belong to Islam itself and do not apply to ordinary muslims. I am a Muslim and I agree with you that when you go to a country whether muslim or christian you have to live accroding to this country standards and to respect its culture and society as it is. On the other hand your religion is for yourself and we are not in a religious missionary or calling errand. As a muslim - and I know that many muslims who keep their religion pure and spiritual would agree with me - respect all humanity with all the differences lies in it. Being a muslim, jewish, christian, buddhist, or whatever won't change the fact that we are all human and had come from one source. If it happens that I was your neighbor, then I hope that you would not pre-judge me for my religion and you will be open-mind to accept my presence as a human being nothing less or more.

PaxCanadiana said...

As a muslim - and I know that many muslims who keep their religion pure and spiritual would agree with me - respect all humanity with all the differences lies in it.

Really? So why do minority religions in Muslim majority nations have it so tough?

Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words and what Muslim majority societies tell me is that what you wrote is a bunch of crap fed to us infidels to blind us to the knife headed straight for our throats.

Anonymous said...

How do you know those who are extreme? Is there some means of identification? In addition, how do you judge a neighborhood by your neighbour? Why is it assumed that racism is irrational? When cabbies in New York refuse to pick up young black men between the ages of 14 and 35 it's an act of rational self-interest because they reason that the value of the fair does not compensate for the risk to their well-being.

According to Rand, "Man is a rational being. Reason, as man's only means of knowledge, is his basic means of survival." Rationality is man's basic virtue, thus when race (racism) is considered in the pursuit of rational self-interest, (i.e. survival) then racism is virtuous.

Paul said...

Why are we letting in more immigrants that are Muslim/Chinese/South Asian etc. There are already too many of them here and the only cultural capital they've contributed are the Toronto 19 (terrorists) and a few buffets where they secretly serve cat and raccoon meat to save money.

Canada is better with a White majority or it will turn into another dog shit ridden third world country (with the civic values these foreigners bring).

You can only take multi-culturalism so far. It's out of balance now and it's time to close our doors to an extent I feel.

I'm ethnic by the way and I was born and raised in Canada, but I still feel this way given everything I'm seeing.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cab drivers, I am a white woman and in ottawa almost all the cab drivers are arab or moroccan and as soon as u get a cab alone they try to rip u off, especially if they know your alone and not from that city. I had a hand surgery last nov and called a cab and he charged me 58 dollars for a 10 min ride and he even pretended to get lost. I talked to someone and found out it should have been 20 tops. I understand if I was with a man it would not have happened and if i was one of their woman if would not have happened, so white women are becoming very repressed by these foreign cultures. Also in vancouver if your female try buying something in a corner store owned by a foreign person- they will put the man that comes in behind u ahead of you. My friends and I even tested this out in richmond in a chinese takeout that caters to white construction workes! We are damn sick of being treated like we live in 1820 and second class citizens there should be a law to charge people who disrespect canadian culture and my friend who is half native agrees with me!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I work with some Muslim people who immigrated here to be Canadians not Muslims and even they agree that the authorities should oppose the Muslim colonisation of the Canadian society.
It isn't racism because Islam is not a race it is an ideology.

Anonymous said...

Hum the latest is a shotting in the Toronto Eaton Centre, wasnt the person shot a moslem and who shot the person?? What kind of a person does such a thing in a civil society. Even the italian mafia if they want to go after someone has enough class to not do that in a public place. We now have lost canada forever, and everyone is being quiet because the little boy who was hit was white.................I recall growing up in canada and never hearing about a murder- it was once every 10 years or something and there was NO GANGS AT ALL in canada in the 1970s and early 1980s, before massive third world immigration..................

Anonymous said...

Canada is and always has been a christian country that will never change. It is 74% chrisitian as we speak.

Anonymous said...

That awkward moment when a bunch of stupid white people forget that their ancestors invaded North America hundreds of years and ago and ruined the culture and community of the Natives. I honestly don't think Muslims are the problem, it's the white people. If someone has certain principles/values and choose a certain lifestyle, what's it to you?

Minority religions have it tough in Muslim countries not because the Islamic religion taught them to do so. It is because certain psychos got government positions and decided to not progress as a country.

If Muslims are not accepting of another culture, it is because they are not accepting of theirs. Could you imagine going on the internet and reading about people wanting their civilization dead?

They want muslim tenants because they feel more comfortable to live with someone who understands them.

Also, I can definitely google every single murder/rape/crime and I guarantee you that culturally, you will find people of all nationalities.

Oh and a resonse to claiming that they are terrorists… here you go. Read this before you speak

PaxCanadiana said...

That awkward moment when a bunch of stupid white people forget that their ancestors invaded North America hundreds of years and ago and ruined the culture and community of the Natives.

Following that logic shouldn't Muslim immigrants to Canada be considered invaders as well only invaders arriving at a later date?

Are they not intruding and settling on land occupied by an established host society forcing their customs, beliefs, laws, and religion upon them?

And by following in the wake of the European invaders are not Muslims (as all immigrants) not condoning the actions of those Europeans and expect to benefit from it?

If whites are the problem from a native point of view then so are Muslims who should also be considered equally guilty of colonialism and the "cultural genocide" of the native Canadian way of life.

Minority religions have it tough in Muslim countries not because the Islamic religion taught them to do so.

You mean there are not passages in the Koran preaching Muslim supremacy and the suppression of non-Muslim religious beliefs? I did not know that. Ya learn something new every day.

They want muslim tenants because they feel more comfortable to live with someone who understands them.

Then maybe they shouldn't have come to Canada in the first place and stayed in or moved to Islamic societies. Why come to Canada and behave that way? It makes no sense.

Believe it or not I accept their choice to discriminate against non-Muslim tenants. But if you are going to allow Muslims that discriminatory power then you must accept - if you believe in the equal application of principles - that if a society wants to exclude Muslims from it and stop Muslim immigration then they have that right as well.

Think of Canada as that apartment building and seeing a sign posted at the border saying "no Muslims allowed, we only want immigrants we feel comfortable with." I doubt you'd accept that. And neither would those Muslims exercising the exact same form of discrimination against non-Muslims albeit on a smaller scale. Yet here you are defending that discrimination.

How can Muslims expect to discriminate against non-Muslims in Canada yet expect the rest of Canadian society to accommodate Muslims and exercise non-discriminatory practices against them? The Muslims in the story are being hypocritical and exercising double standards.

If you believe it wrong for Canadian immigration law to exclude Muslims from the country to favour immigrants we feel "more comfortable with" then what these Muslims are doing in Canada is equally wrong. Muslims cannot have it their way all the time.

Also, I can definitely google every single murder/rape/crime and I guarantee you that culturally, you will find people of all nationalities.

I agree. Here's a list of Toronto's most wanted to prove it.

Oh and a resonse to claiming that they are terrorists… here you go. Read this before you speak

Terrorists? Say what!!!??? What does this have to do with anything?

Anonymous said...

To canadian women whoever you are. From today on, any moslim man lies, mistreats you, tries to rip you off in a taxi, trips to pick you up on a bus- claim sexual harassment. Now its tid for tat. Thay have thrown a canadian woman in jail in dubai, she was raped and she is falsely charged under a law that is barbaric. My native friends will do the same- they are FEDUP with these rude and sexist men in ottawa.

Anonymous said...

I am a white canadian woman and when I place an ad that I want a place I would prefer to be able to put white canadian born. It just saves me alot of time and also the landlords as I wont rent or live with certain people, due to bad experiences in the past. I also do not want to live with students from 20-30, they disrespect older people. I also am not into parties and I dont want to live with alot of other people who have people coming over all the time. I also want a very clean place (some people are slobs). I will not be someone's house cleaner and I will not shovel the owner's front walk or stairs (that is up to the tenant to do or PAY someone to do it. I have had a request in the past to do this as the landlord was polish- in canada everything has to be done by YOU or PAY someone you are not allowed to ask the tenant to do anything for you and that includes fixing things for free. Also you cannot tell any tenant they cannot have a guest or overnight guest its against the law-alot of indians, moslems etc do this. Also if the tenant loses their job you cannot make them leave its against the law too-the tenant could fine you up to 10000 dollars for illegal eviction. You cannot harass the tenant in canada in fact you are not even allowed to ask them where they work or what they make!