Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It Looks Like We Didn't Need immigrants To Fund The CPP Afterall.

One of the government's selling points to a weary Canadian public for upping immigration intake numbers beyond reason is that immigrants are needed to fund the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). It is argued that retiring "baby boomers" will put a lot of stress on the CPP's resources testing its solvency. Therefore we need to import many immigrants in increasing numbers to work and provide the taxes needed to keep the CPP afloat.

It turns out the CPP is doing fine. So good in fact that there will be enough money in the fund to pay out CPP benefits for at least the next 75 years! This news should be taken along with a recent poll that found close to 70% of people polled planned to keep working in some fashion post-retirement.

It appears the argument suggesting that without immigration the CPP will become underfunded is just a scare tactic to compel Canadians to embrace an immigration system they otherwise have grave issues with and works against their interests.

We know that any positive effects mass immigration has on an ageing Canadian society are negligible at best; we know that mass immigration does not create jobs for Canadians; we know that mass immigration inadequately addresses skills shortages; we know that immigrants eat up more taxes than they produce as a group; and now we know that immigrants are not needed to support the CPP.

So can some please tell me exactly why we need to import record numbers of immigrants into Canada each and every year? Seriously! If I am supposed to surrender my country to succeeding waves of de facto colonizers then at least give me a legitimate reason why I should embrace this unwanted fate.


Anonymous said...

The sole purposes of increasing immigration to Canada are;
- to increase a political party's voter potential
- to provide a larger market for local businesses to sell product to

That's it, that's all, we're done.

Anonymous said...

Sorry anonymous.

The cultural Marxists want to destroy Canada to get ready fro the One World Government.

Rand said...

For the Federal Conservative representatives who will read this, is it possible to discuss Immigration Reform with the rest of the party? I'm an ethnic Canadian, born and raised in this country, but I feel that there are too many foreign citizens being brought here. Why exactly is this happening? Are the Feds so inefficient that they need to keep re-locating large portions of the Communist Republic of China to fully pay the tax bill? Does Canada need to be turned into the Republic of India or Sri Lanka for some reason?

If you walk through the Scarborough Town Centre, it looks more like Beijing and New Delhi than Toronto. If you're a Conservative, than conserving the identity of this Country should also be a priority.

Please discuss reducing the amount of ethnic immigration. How many more Mosques funded by Saudi Arabia do we need here? Is there something wrong with Canada that it needs to be 'fixed' by bringing so many people from third world countries? What exactly is your party accomplishing by radically altering our demographic balance and fabric?

I have a feeling this is going to become a powder keg issue in the not too distant future given what's already happening in Vancouver.