Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Oh Look! The Chinese Are Defrauding Canada's Immigration System Again!

New federal immigration rules passed in 2008 to make the system more streamlined and "responsive" to Canadian economic needs were exploited by Chinese fraudsters, according to newly released internal documents. 
Bill C-50, passed in 2008 under former minister Diane Finley, was intended to let the government set priorities in its selection of economic immigrants to ensure emphasis on particular skilled workers needed by Canadian businesses. 
Studies found many applicants misrepresented their education and exaggerated their experience. 
One study of skilled worker applicants from Hong Kong under the AEO program during 2008-10 found only 22 per cent had genuine jobs in Canada and many had "very low" English-speaking skills. 
"There are serious problems with the validity of job offers" in the AEO category, wrote the authors of the analysis. 
An analysis by the Canadian government's anti-fraud unit in Beijing, meanwhile, found that between late 2008 and early 2010, more than one in five applicants (22 per cent) misrepresented their own employment records.
The greatest abusers were supposed "financial auditors and accountants," as 42 per cent of them were lying about their credentials and were in many cases merely cashiers or bookkeepers.
Another above-average category was financial managers, with 27 per cent of applications being fraudulent.
"Employment fraud is an issue on certain profiles of C-50 applications," stated a summary of the report that considered applications for workers headed primarily to Ontario.
          "A more thorough verification pro-cess is required."
Another 2010 study of applicants from Taiwan found that of 31 AEO applicants, the vast majority headed for B.C., only five - or 16 per cent of the total - took jobs with the employers that made the offers.
So is this another provincial nominee program going bust largely due to fraud that always seems to involve the Chinese in a kind of "where there's smoke there's fire" sort of way?  And if you're finding a few then there's probably a lot more you're not seeing.  Am I insinuating that Asian immigration fraud is rampant?  Why yes!  Yes, I am.

Our consulates in the whole of Asia are routinely subject to fraud yet we continue to entertain Asian immigration as if nothing is happening and as if Asian immigration has brought any real benefits to the country and Canadians.  If the consulates are understaffed which allows this fraud to happen then perhaps closing a few should be in the works starting with the ones in Chandigarh, Punjab, India and in Hong Kong and then let's go from there.  It's not like we need all this immigration from Asia anyway.

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