Saturday, 11 February 2012

When A Better Life For You Means A Worse Life For Us.

If part of the "Canadian dream" is home ownership it appears mass immigration is doing a pretty good job to see that many Canadians don't realize it.

Here is a story out of Toronto illustrating how two young professionals are unable to buy in the city's over inflated housing market.

This one's out of Vancouver.

To illustrate how ridiculously overpriced both markets are you have the FML listings blog for Toronto vs. crack shack or mansion for Vancouver.

Housing prices for Canada's two top housing markets are insane and you have speculative Asian real estate capital to thank for that coupled with the increased demand one should expect from the highest immigrant intake numbers in the world.

This has adverse consequences for Canadians.  It means a greater portion of their disposable income will have to go towards servicing a mortgage while still trying to meet the costs of every day living.  As a result Canadians are carrying record levels of household debt which seriously threatens the nation's economic future.

Many have sought refuge in cheaper housing supplied by the urban sprawl communities built on prime farmland  - the richest in the nation - that encircle Toronto and Vancouver, forever destroying the agricultural benefits that land provided.  This means greater commute times to work which translates into less leisure time for Canadians as they spend more time away from home stuck in gridlock traffic.  The connection between Toronto having the worst traffic in North America and it being the Canadian city that receives the bulk of immigrants should be obvious to even the most casual observer.  And this is to say nothing of the polluted air generated by so many idling cars and the health effects it has on those who live in the city.

It's saying a lot when young professionals cannot buy into Toronto's or Vancouver's housing market even to explaining why Canada has a low birth rate.  Immigration has increased the cost of housing while simultaneously driving down incomes and thus has increased the cost of living for us all.  When you can barely provide for yourself without taking on substantial debt it makes no sense to breed yourself into poverty.  And this phenomenon has been observed in immigrants and their Canadian born children as the fiscal realities of living in Canada has caused them to assume birth rates on par with their Canadian counterparts.

It's expensive to live in Canada and immigration has not made that any better, indeed it has made the situation worse.  But if Canadians realize their low standard of living in relation to previous generations has been influenced in part by immigration perhaps then they'll be compelled to do something about it.




Why Australia and Canada?

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Why are we getting so much interest from Australia and Canada?

Anonymous said...

Indeed, if Canadians only realized how far our standard of living has fallen in the last 35 years, but they don't!

Yes, imagine all those "extras" we could be paying ourselves, if we didn't have these horrendous annual immigration bills amounting to over $23,000,000,000 year after year.

And, I'm not sure whether that figure includes an estimated $5 Billion it cost Canadians to support an additional 30,000 lying/cheating "refugees" arriving at our "back door" every year.

Once these foreigners from every 3rd world hell-hole get their foot in OUR door, they send for their elderly parents and grandparents, so they too, can feed on their unawakened, and naive host.

Here's a good study paper on that very topic explaining the costs of such foolish generosity on our part.